Unreal Engine 4 free Interior & Architecture Assets for beginners?

Hey everyone,

beginner here, I’m working with UE4 4.21 for a bit now and try to wrap my head around all the things this monster includes.
Overall, great graphics & starter content but so far I haven’t discovered a free interior / architecture pack to play around with.

I’m trying to create a small map / area where the character is in a room (house). But also want to get into post-apocalyptic scenery:


I want to create realistic sceneries etc…
for now I’m just a beginner and want to wrap my head around game dev. and see how far this takes me thus I’m pretty sure its kinda understandable from a beginners perspective that paying for every needed / wanted asset on the UE Marketplace, especially in the current learning state, is undesirable.
That’s why I want to ask, is there maybe something like a small (or big) collection of interior / architecture free assets like:

  1. interior objects (wooden table, chair, carpet, books, glas, wall, arrows, etc…)
  2. materials (wood, metal, blood, water etc…)
  3. blueprints (not sure but like…animations, object behavior, explosions, more blood assets)

for said theme / scenery?
(optional: If possible how are these realistic assets (objects) made ? I’m pretty sure blender or 3ds max are used but I have no clue)

Any help appreciated, thanks for reading!

I assume you are aware of the free content on the Epic game store but there is also extra content in the learn tab in the epic launcher. There is a project called realistic rendering that should suit your needs.

Thanks for replying! Thought that this post was pretty much ignored by the forum.
I will check out the Realistic Rendering.