Unreal Engine 4 - Forest

Hello everyone!
I decided to create something in Unreal Engine 4 again.
Tried to do something realistic as good, as I can.

If you like it, feel free to write a comment or even subscribe.
Thank you!

Looks awesome! Well done!

decent work there… very strange video artifacts… also seems to be some odd alpha sorting on the tree’s
the rocks need to be redone… but quite nice feel overall

Here are some screenshots :


Here are some screens :

looks awesome are those trees from speedtree? :o

These woodlogs in the front are looking triplewow.

Yes, I used SpeedTree for that scene.

Excellent work here :smiley:

Lovely piece of music too, it fit’s the scene perfectly well :slight_smile:

this is pretty immense

Thank you! In my opinion that music gives some atmosphere also :slight_smile: