Unreal Engine 4 for Wii U Developers

Hi :slight_smile:
I want to make games for Wii U in the future
Is there any plan or on-going development for making games for Wii U ?
Please reply ASAP

Is it really worth it? You’d surely be better off targeting other platforms, that have a bigger install base. I don’t know any development team that’s using Unreal Engine 4 on Wii U, personally.

UE4 doesn’t support Wii U, or PS3/Xbox360 for that matter

Wii U is literally dead. And even Nintendo is thinking about dropping it.

The Wii U has more units sold than the Xbox One, and is likely to have a larger profit margin for Nintendo, as historically, Sony and Microsoft sell their consoles at a substantial loss early on. The Wii U is trailing only behind the PS4, which has just over 10 million units sold since launch – I don’t think any legitimate source is reporting that Nintendo is thinking of dropping the Wii U :rolleyes:

Additionally, there was a TON of hubub of how the 3DS was a failure, no one wanted it, etc… and it’s absolutely crushing in terms of sales, not only in North America, but globally. Nintendo doesn’t have crazy initial sales - they get a user base, and build on that for 8 years while consistently selling titles at a good profit margin.

But, I digress - Wii U support would be awesome, though it’s harder to get indie content on a Nintendo device than it is unfortunately for any other console. You might be able to run it on a Wii U, but no way of actually RUNNING it on a Wii U, unless you’ve got a DevKit.

Xbox One has been out for much less time than the Wii U. At this point in time, Wii U is selling about half as well as the Gamecube, which was a failure. They certainly aren’t dropping it since they’ve got Zelda still in development for it, but I’m sure they’re working to get something to replace it as soon as possible. Given that Zelda and Starfox are coming out next year, I don’t expect an announcement until 2016.

I don’t know what you guys fantasize here, I just read some games articles, that’s all I can say -> Nintendo's Plan to Quietly Kill the Wii U - GameSpot

Still, very unlikely that UE4 will be compatible with Wii U - that’d be quite useless, lol.

Guess what i will have to use Unity then for making it for Wii U,Xbox 360,PS3

i hope UE 4 can do all the above,look at Mighty No.9 is releasing for every platforms :slight_smile:
i guess we have all grown up playing Nintendo’s platformers :wink:

Nintendo will need UE4 on Wii U eventully, so if they still want to save WiiU they need to talk to Epic or even throw some money.

As to your URL, you’re better off with this one: