Unreal Engine 4 for Webdesign?


I played around a bit with Unreal Engine 3, so I am familiar with how it works, but I haven’t touched it for several years…

What I am wondering, now that UE4 is being used for web-based 3d games… what is the potential of using UE4 for making an entire 3d website?

Is that practical, or is it a stupid idea? Or has it perhaps been done already many times?

I find the idea of making a 3d website that breaks completely from the norm of what a website is, to be a fascinating thought.

Would really love to get your advice on this, whether you think it is something worth using time on…


Currently that’d be a mess to try and do, once Unreal Motion Graphics gets added then it’ll be easier. Unless there’s a feature you really want to use, I wouldn’t do it, probably not as good performance.