Unreal Engine 4 FBX import Problem

Hey guys, I have found brilliant model for my project, but the problem is I try to import Blender FBX file to UE4, engine just stucks and not responding. I have to close the program. Is there are some info that I don’t know how to corectly impord 3D models ? Thanks.

Model: Spyro 3D Model Download by Morganicism on DeviantArt


Try to install Autodesk FBX Converter and convert your file from “Blender FBX” to “FBX 2013”. And import the new file to UE4. Maybe it help you.

I’ll try thanks

EDIT: No, just stuck at 75% in UE4. Engine crashes. :frowning:

I always export .3ds In Autodesk convertor I convert it to .FBX, it seems to work for me better that way.


I have moved this to content creation because its a better fit and you’ll get more help:)

how big is the fbx file?, often if you try to import a large fbx file UE4 looks like its frozen at a certain %(the number varies) but its actually still processing the file your importing.

how long have you left it?, a really large file could take an hour(or more) to import depending on your hardware/file size…ect.

Thanks , for moving my thread. So problem is import, my file converted size is ~18MB. When I try to import, I left it about 20min. So you say I have to wait longer ? But UE4 not responding. :slight_smile:

EDIT: So i tried save file as .3ds and convert it to fbx, but file is very small about 500kb, but importing in UE4 works, other issues that my imported model is messed up.


Did you happen to update to 2.75 by chance? I’m using it and I too have issues.

Your scene good for Blender, but very bad for export to FBX. You need fix hierarchy and apply modifiers except Armature modifier.
I export to FBX with default preset and import to UE4. For Wings shader you need set shader to Two Side mode.

svv3dUDN I see that the model of spyro looking good for you. So guys maybe you could take some time, and upload converted .fbx format to internet, that i can download and use for UE4 ? Thanks :slight_smile:

p.s. my blender version is the newest.

And I have one more question, if animation and skeleton is done by blender, does it work or can work on Unreal Engine ?

This is modified blend and FBX

Man you are awesome. Thank you very much, I’ll try this i go home and edit the post. :slight_smile: Thanks

Yep everything works fine thank you. I don’t wanna be off topic but how i could add eyes texture to my model ? Any suggestions ?

You might wanna try starting from the beginning.

Look up UV Mapping in blender, as well as creating materials in UE4.