Unreal Engine 4 editor question

Haven’t bought a license yet thus I wanted to inquire whether the editor was built using C#/WPF or C++ and how extensible is it? Thank you.

The Editor is written in C++, and you get the complete source code, so in principle you can do whatever you want. We support the concept of plug-ins that allow you to extend the Editor, a game or both. Some of the Editor’s features are already implemented as plug-ins, and we are planning to convert many more parts of the Editor into plug-ins. There are also some plug-ins developed by the community already. You can find out about them on the UE4 Wiki. Depending on which part of the Editor you wish to extend, it may require more or less expert knowledge to get the job done, but we are continuously working on improving and streamlining the extensibility API for UE4 to make it easier for beginners.

“Excellent. Is there any example project? Are you utilizing custom UI libs for the editor UI?”

Found everything in the docs. Great job.

Not to jack your thread, but I’ve not found anything on this elsewhere, and it might be kind of fitting here in any event.

I have the source and compiled it… if I run the UE4Editor.exe from the binaries directory where VS built it to, it runs (seemingly fine)… however, I don’t want to have to run it from that location every time I run the editor (I have the source/project on a slower drive so I can keep applications and games on a faster drive, don’t have tons of room to leave ‘not often used’ projects/etc lying around on it)… When I move the binaries/win64 files to where I want them to live, the editor crashes at launch… so it would seem I’m missing something because the binaries directory doesn’t appear to be all that needs to go out.

I downloaded the launcher and let it install, and it looks like I’m missing all the “redist” libs in my build, but since the editor runs fine in the compile destination, my system apparently has all that’s needed… just not in that one directory so it can be moved easily…

The question is, what do I need to do to be able to “deploy” the editor I’ve compiled to a stand alone location on my faster application drive? (which might soon be an SSD, so I -really- don’t want to be compiling on that).

You would need to move/copy the entire UE4 folder, e.g. from C:\UE4 to D:\UE4 (or to whatever your application drive is), and not just the Binaries\Win64 folder.

Hope that helps.