Unreal Engine 4 Editor at 3fps

I’m having trouble when i first open the editor to create a blank project or even when i open a already made project the engine starts at 3fps even on low graphics, its impossible to do anything with that lag on the editor and i don’t know why that’s happening cause when i first installed the editor it was completely good, 40fps or more on epic graphics, now the editor doesn’t even use the GPU or CPU, its just stuck on 0%, 1% use. I got a GTX 970 and an Core i3 processor and the most recent drivers for both. It first started when my PC crashed when i was doing an project, i’ve already unistalled and installed again the Epic Games Launcher and even the Unreal Editor it self but nothing fix it. I’m using Windows 10 64bits. If someone can help be i would be glad, sorry my bad english, im brazillian.

Hello BrunoCAP,

The i3 process or that you have is only equipped with 2 cores. While your graphics card should run UE4 without issue, the bottleneck is occurring with the limitation of your processing power.

We recommend using a quad core processor for development with our software. We do not support systems that fall below these recommended specs.

Man, its impossible to be occurring bottleneck because i was running it at 40 fps and epic settings before that bug had appeared. So its not bottleneck or fault of the processor. The program it self its not even using the GPU or CPU, its all stuck at 0% or 1% like i said before. I can run Witcher 3 maxed at 40fps with cpu and gpu at 100% usage in 2560x1080 i also have only 6gb ram ddr3 1333mhz but like i said i can run any game of those days not on maxed but at high settings, at least its more then 3 fps like the editor. I will try the 4.10 version but i don’t think it will fix it.

I’ve managed to fix it, i did installed the new Unreal Editor 4.10 preview 4, now the performance at the 3D area are perfect but the UI/HUD of the editor its kinda slow, i will try fix it following the answers on this thread, thanks. https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/323575/ue4-slow-ui.html