Unreal Engine 4 Earth Material with Atmospheric Scattering ?

Hi is here anybody who could make a tutorial how to create this ?
I was looking for similar tutorial but there are nothing like this.

Almost certainly the atmosphere is a separate piece of geometry, which I think we can assume.

Couple ways to approach this. Might be a sphere that makes use of fresnel and translucency & transp. depth blending to achieve the effect. Could be tough to tune it so that it falls off properly though.

Another “hackier” approach that might lead to more control would be to have a flat circle ‘billboard’ that is always facing the camera and rotates around the center of the globe. You would have more control over how the fringe scattering looks, but the downside is it would be harder to blend the effect across the face of the planet and there may be some artifacts where the billboard intersects the globe geometry.

Rotate it around the center but with an translation off-set so the billboard is actually laying on the surface of the sphere, facing camera. Covers whole surface… plus no intersecting… only need to scale it up appropriately given it’s closer to cam.

Can we put equations into this sort of stuff? If so, you could reference the target sphere and calculate how big the billboard needs to be based on the sphere diameter etc, if doing it by eye isn’t precise enough for your needs.

Sorry reviving this thread, but anyone who is interested in this, take a look at this: http://http.developer.nvidia.com/GPUGems2/gpugems2_chapter16.html

I also need a tutorial, if someone finds it could answer me? :rolleyes: