Unreal Engine 4 Dice Game

A first completed (YAY) project of mine, simple Dice Game for board games fans.
Blueprint only project, it takes into account the accelerometer an orientation sensors of the device and saves all the settings.

Video made on Nvidia Shield tablet.

Google Play available soon.
I might consider putting the project for Marketplace. for symbolical price.

Critique is appreciated.

Looks really cool and well done. One question: Is there a way to have different sided dice in the multiples? Such as a D8, D10 and a D20?

Not yet, still trying to figure out the easiest way to do that. It’s a v 1.0, and you can be sure I’ll update that.

Sweet, glad to hear! I love this idea by the way. Any chance it will make it’s way over to iPhone?

Yes, this is already done.

Not quite yet. The certificate is quite expensive.

Gonna be released as soon as my friend works out a statistics system for us so we can track how good this app is.