Unreal Engine 4 deletes my content subfolders


I just noticed something very annoying:
I set up a new project and create a folder structure thatI plan to use (thinking ahead).
But after the editor is closed and restarted, all folders that are empty are deleted.
Folders that contain assets are there, so are the assets, but my beautifully crafted folder structure goes out of the window.

Do I really have to put a bogus dummy file in each directory to prevent this? :frowning:


Empty folders you create in-editor are only really created as folders on your Computer if you put stuff in them, if you don’t, they won’t be created and forgotten when you close, and empty folders on your computer are only shown in-editor when they contain assets. So yea, either put dummies in them, or just create folders when you need them.

Hmmm. :eek:

I officially convert this post into a feature request to change that, or at least give an option to have in-editor created folder really really created andk kept even if they dont contain files. :cool:

I like to plan things out before I start. Sure I could do that, but it would be against my workflow…mhmhmh