,Unreal Engine 4 Crashed

I was learning to make games in ue4. I was editing my landscape then saved my progress and closed ue4. Next day when i launched ue4 it shows me this error.
please help. ,

Try to verify Unreal Engine, if that don’t help try to reinstall it. Maybe it will fix it

Already tried both of them but they didn’t work. Any other solution please.

Make a bur report there:


Try to upgrade your graphic card

I have already updated my graphics card but nothing happened and i posted error report on that link but they are not replying me. Please help.

Have you tried a different version of Unreal Engine 4?

Could you give the log file? The actual log file can more info.

Sir, I don’t know what is a log file, could you please tell me a brief about it and method of doing it?