Unreal Engine 4 Character Art Project

Ive been Creating characters for game for a while now about 3 years. Ive dipped into coding and programming, and also the level design aspect as well. I found my calling with characters though as I am still learning, i recently chose to go to school for it and learn online. I feel my art has improved so much in the past few months using some of the top notch programs like Maya, 3ds max, Substance painter, Photoshop cs, Substance designer 4, Blender 2.71(Not bad, but still has a ways to go), and others. These characters were created using all of these programs and the female is my most recent character having been finished a few days ago. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think :smiley:

fpshandsfinal render.PNGKairiUnrealEngine 4.PNG494e7f7dc3c79cb842f13cc6728368e920d4b8b1.jpegu4joker2.PNGfpshandfinalrenderwire.PNGKairi_95%.PNG

Will you rig and animate your characters? The bind pose rarely makes a character model justice. :slight_smile:

Nice model. one thing though, the underwear looks silly to me.

Hey thanks for the feedback, as I look at it more and more I believe you are right it really does look silly :stuck_out_tongue: It was a good idea at the time but now that time has gone by for a bit it really is starting to look silly. Luckily I can just delete it as its just geometry overlapping. :smiley: just a bit of tweaking with the textures should do.