Unreal Engine 4 causes blue screen of death. UE4 is the ONLY time I get BSOD. What to do?

Someone PLEASE HELP. My PC is fine running everything else, but when I run Unreal Engine 4 l, I get BSOD constantly, not everytime, but a lot. Can someone give me suggestions thanks.
These are some of my specs.

Asus motherboard M5 A97 LE R2.0
Geforce GTX 960
Valens 700M
AMD FX Processor Black Edition FX 6300

Check your windows logs to figure out why it’s blue screening. What’s the stop error?
Can’t help you figure out what’s wrong if you don’t give more details. It could be a hardware issue that only happens when you’re running UE4. Also what are you doing in UE4 when it happens? Are you loading the editor or something specific?

How do I check windows logs? I don’t believe I have a stop error. If so, where is it? Also, many things cause it. Clicking on several different things in the engine, connecting something in blueprints, putting down foliage, adjusting the viewport, and changing the engine scalabiltiy settings from epic to high, etc.

When you get a BSOD it’s also known as a stop error. You’ll get something like “Page Fault in non-paged area”. It’s likely not related to UE4 at all so you’re probably better posting on a place like Tom’s Hardware forums as the people there are going to be more familiar with these sorts of issues. A blue screen is generated by windows itself and therefore doesn’t have anything to do with Unreal even if UE4 is the indirect cause in your situation.
How to check the windows log depends on what version of windows you’re running:


I would really recommend posting on tom’s hardware forums though as they’ll be able to help you more quickly. Essentially you’ll need to have your phone handy and take a photo of the BSOD when it happens. If you know it always happens when you do XYZ in Unreal then just do that, wait for the crash and snap a picture so someone can help you figure out what the actual issue is.

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Ok thanks, I’ll do this sometime tomorrow.