Unreal Engine 4 Can you publish to Windows Store

Can I publish to windows store in using Unreal Engine 4.15.1

In my opinion UE4 can’t package for Windows Phone devices. So I think, you can’t publish your game there.

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What platform are you trying to publish for (Mobile, PC)? For the windows store, publishing for different platforms requires different processes for the way you intend to ship your game.

Could you provide a little more information about your project and your end goal for publishing?

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Sorry my post didn’t send

Sorry it didn’t send my message.

I’m working on PC, and the Project I’m making is a 2D Side Scroller game, and a zombie survival game that has a wave system, and after I publish on windows, I will add a buy weapons and equipments, after the round has ended, that is my idea for my project.

Thank you for the information, I will be reaching out for more information about the windows store!