unreal engine 4 c++ and integrating beckhoff ads dll or .h .cpp file

i wondering if you can implement dll’s or .h .cpp files so i can implement var’s from my plc in the ureal engine.
My goal is to make a 3d visualisation for my home automation which is from beckhoff(“twincat”), they have dll’s and .h .cpp files to communicate
with the plc from .net (c#, vb, c++). Also i build dll’s to communicate with twincat and serialize and deserialze binary information that is send over tcp/ip.

It’s possible in unity engine (c#), but i like unreal engine so much that i want to build it with the unreal engine.

Is it possible, or is it only possible to program gameplay?

have u had any success so far? cause i am doing the same thing, connecting twincat3 to ue4. the thing is, twincat3 has dll’s, .cpp. , and .h files (ADS) as u said, but it also has plugins such as TCP and UDP. I am trying to set this connection via TCP real-time. do u have any idea?