Unreal Engine 4 Browser Material Editor

I’m inclined to agree. Though I do have my reservations. This is a web tool to assist developers of UE4 rather than a tool or package inside of UE4, or a product created with UE4. So I’m not sure exactly how that will run.

However over the next few days I plan to purchase a new domain to place this under, and perhaps stem off into other tools (blueprints, behavior trees, etc…) Essentially turning every UE4 Graph into this system. I’ve also been looking into teaming with a friend to develop a ‘Copy to Materia’ button directly in UE4, making it easy to just generate links from a click.

Either way - all of these are just ideas. I think once Materia is done and fully functional, then perhaps I will contact Epic and use Materia as my demo for my other plans.

Thank you guys for the input! :slight_smile:
(Also working on a zoom feature - which ironically was the sole purpose of me developing this tool, so you could ‘zoom’ into screenshots of materials. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Scott, this is so cool!

A means to embed graphs into forum/answerhub/documentation posts would be super handy.

This is fantastic.

However, what would be really useful is to be able to go the other way around. Imagine a repository of materials which people have donated/pasted, where anyone could “copy” from the browser, and “paste” into their UE4 editor!

Sorry to sound like an idiot, but what does this actually do?

Edit: I get it lol