Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints - $2,000 - Off-Site Work

This position has been filled, but I’ll have upcoming work in the future if you’d like to post on here I’ll keep in in mind for future work. Thank you everyone for your interest.

Hi all,

We are a startup company looking for someone to build an interactive selection system based on a pre-constructed design using blueprints.

Our company has been developing an interactive architecture platform for the past year and a half. Our UE4 specialist has recently left due to other commitments and we need someone to finish the last bit of work before we can commence our capital raising phase.

The Work:
The contract is for the setup of a selection system based on reading a blueprints tags and finding blueprints with the same or similar tags (detailed outline provided upon contract start). The job is for $2,000 and no minimum hours, so if you finish it in a day - great! The work you’d be doing is derived from a more basic version currently in our program, so the successful applicant would need to be able to read our blueprint setup and be able to expand upon it. Guidance will be given by the person who wrote them should it be required. Work can be completed from anywhere and most communication will be via email or Skype.

The Opportunities:
While this contract is for a set amount of work, if we like your work we will provide further employment as the company grows. We plan on hiring a team of UE4 personnel by the end of the year and as such, we would consider the successful applicant to either be part of that team, or to lead that team if they are interested.


  • Must be experienced with Unreal Engine with a good knowledge of blueprint creation and component systems
  • Have a decent computer with Unreal Engine 4.17 installed
  • Experience with Perforce or similar program is beneficial but not a requirement
  • Must be able to think outside the box when necessary
  • Must have strong written and verbal English skills

**Work to begin as soon as possible, partial upfront payment acceptable if requested.

Please send expressions of interest and CV or link to previous works to [EMAIL=“info@conceptv.com.au”]info@conceptv.com.au along with any questions. We’ve had a few problems with the SMTP client a while ago, so if you don’t receive a response within 2 days, please email [EMAIL=".**

We are very passionate about our work at Concept V, so we look forward to hearing from you.

Australian business number? I’d be surprised if a single person in here has one.

Agreed, is that similar to an EIN number in the states? Considering the time crunch, perhaps you can make an exception?

Thanks for your replies guys, yes that was an error putting that in there, thanks for your comments. I’ve also found someone so this position is now closed, though I’ll probably have more work coming up so if you reply on here I’ll keep you in mind for future work. Thanks everyone for emailing me :slight_smile:


Ill leave this post here for your consideration of future work opportunities.

Im an freelance programmer that lives in Australia and i have a current ABN :wink:

You can email me at your leisure at the address below.


Sign me up. Even if I think you contacted me 1,5 year ago (or it is just me meeting architecture companies often lol)