Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint/C++ Developer For First Person Shooter

Project Title: Space Ghosts

A dark, and occasionally humorous, fan-reimagining of Pacman, set on a haunted deep space drilling platform. Players attempt to solve puzzles and find clues while being chased by the ghosts of their fallen crew members.


  • Graphics from an experienced 3D artist
  • Sound effects
  • music
  • Simple but Scary Horror gameplay
  • Well developed setting with a lot of personality.
  • Story and scripts

This is a fan game project. We are Team Ackman, a group of three artists and writers with different backgrounds who have been working on this game for almost a year now. As the project has progressed, we’ve found ourselves in need of someone with more experience using Unreal Engine and working in Blueprints. As this is a fan project, expect this to be both a learning experience as well as a fantastic opportunity for a portfolio piece. We’re looking for people who want to be a part of a fun and close knit development team, working to make something cool.

Talent Required:
We have begun building the game and learning UE4 as we go, but are running into frequent technical issues resulting from our own lack of experience and need someone who is: Experienced with Blueprints and some C++ Has familiarity with FPS Horror and/or Adventure games

Current Team:

  • Armand C. Rusinov – Director, Lead 3D Artist, musician, sound designer.
  • “Octo” - Puzzle design and concept art
  • “Merm” - Narrative design

Project Preview:


Previous Work:

**Contact: **@evilplanets PM me on Twitter. Or @mindofchaos17 on Instagram

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Dang, looks nice! Good luck on this project!

Thanks, I appreciate it.

NevermoreGX, i’m c++ programmer, can you check fragments of my last solo work on Luis Yebra - YouTube

Hey, I DM’d you, thanks for replying!