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Brief Introduction
I recently started production on a new video series on my educational oriented Youtube channel which teaches you how to utilize the newly released Unreal Engine 4’s extensive/robust tool set to create your very own game as an absolute beginner with no knowledge regarding game engines and/or Unreal Engine 4 to a seasoned veteran capable of making their own games from scratch. I have structured and produced this video series to be as easy to follow/use, intuitive and most importantly educational. I post roughly 1-3 videos every week so make sure you check out the channel regularly.

I have gone over a wide variety of topics in-depth to make sure you get the most educational experience however with this being a beginner series I have skipped a few topics which are oriented towards the more advanced users such as C++ programming, Cascade, Scaleform/UI usage & creation, animation and a few other things. Having said that, I will be creating an additional advanced series in the near future which will cover everything I have missed in the beginner series.

Keep in mind that I will be adding additional video series to accompany this one a including 3D modelling packages (max/maya), Photoshop and a few other game engines including Cryengine, Unity and possibly Source. If you have any suggestions for this particular series feel free to leave them as a reply to this thread.

All of my tutorials are free and available on Youtube through the links below or by clicking the individual videos. Don’t forget to say subscribed to my Youtube channel and Facebook page to stay up to date with information regarding current and upcoming content.

I will be updating this forum post as things progress with latest information/videos alongside tidying things up for ease of use.

Youtube: www.youtube.com/VirtusEdu
Facebook: www.facebook.com/VirtusEducation

Published Content | 14 Videos

Upcoming Content | 20+ Videos

  • Specular Textures
  • Normal Textures
  • Landscapes
  • Foliage Mode
  • Decals
  • Vertex Painting
  • Prefabs
  • Water
  • Volumes
  • Sound
  • Image Based Reflections
  • Matinee Introduction
  • Matinee Cinematics
  • Matinee Animations
  • Blueprints Introduction
  • Game Packaging
  • & More…

Blueprint Creations | 1 Video (More coming soon)

Your tutorials are great, can’t wait for more!

Thanks :slight_smile:

“Female game developers rock!”

Thx, I saw some of your newer videos :slight_smile:

I miss some more information on who you are, like how much experience you have with Unreal?
If people should support you they probably also want to know that they can get out it again, that they dont sign up for 10 years. Some contact information would be nice too.

It would be nice too if some of the other experienced user in here or someone from Unreal/Epic who knows you, can confirm the quality.