Unreal Engine 4 Archviz - Copenhagen apartment


It’s my first attempt with unreal engine, and I love it !!!

Tre Belle - Beautiful!

Just my preference but a little bloom and DOF goes a long way - I would have liked less I think.

Question. Are you using 3DSMax to create and lightmap your assets?

Hi !
Thank you for your comment, and I agree whith you too much bloom …
And yes, I used 3dsmax.

Another thing, do you know how to attach my video on my post ?

Very impressive soush!

Not sure about the video posting?

Did you lightmap each and every object in the scene? I’m just learning UE4 and I really hate UV’ing. Hahahaha - *****. :wink:

PS, Paris is my favorite city I have been to, I use to go once or twice a year for many years but haven’t been in about 8 years. Where do you live in Paris?

Very well done. Can I move in there please :slight_smile:

Amazing, dude! If that is your first attempt, I can’t wait to see what’s next! :smiley:

Amazing quality. No trace of shimmering or DOF artifacts in animation.
Can you share any advice on bake and output?

Hi guys !
Thanks for your comments.

To answer to your questions : I work with 3ds max, I map lightmap with unwrap UV, I export each elements in unreal. After that, I export my video with matinee in 4K /60 fps. And I edit with After effect with 1080p output.

Where can I download this?