Unreal Engine 4 and the capability to create 2D games

Hey guys, how’s going?

The title is suggestive and I really have to ask: is Unreal capable to create 2D games?

Of course.

There is even a marketplace example you can download called Tappy Chicken (aka flappy bird), that shows exactly what

Any 3D engine that can do simple planes that can change textures or swap between planes can easily be converted to 2D use, it’s just matter of setting camera. Ofcorse it’s not real 2D, but still good enoth + it let you do a lot more then 2D only engine, just look on examples like Hearthstone running on Unity :).

At this moment in time I am creating a 2d game :slight_smile: Switching from Unity to UE4 just because I love unreal. I have to say its going great