Unreal Engine 4 and Rhino workflow query

Hi all,

I really want to get into creating scenes in UDK, it could be very useful for the visuals that I create at work. Most of the design work we create is done in Rhino for it’s accuracy and simplicity with NURBS modelling, the models are then exported to 3ds Max for rendering. The problem is those exports are not clean in terms of it’s conversion from NURBS to polys -

So this causes inevitable problems with UVs for light maps etc.

Does anyone use Rhino with a view to bringing into UDK?, is there a way to export extremely clean meshes from Rhino?.. any advice would be appreciated. Is it best to steer clear of NURBS if going into UDK, should all the modelling be done in 3ds Max?.. will be a shame if that’s the case

Anyone? I’m running in similar issues and it would be great if anyone could clarify the workflow steps. Thanks

I don’t have any experience with Rhino but I’d say your best bet is just to make some simple nurbs in 3ds max and try it.

Hi, unluckly for you rhino never generates clean meshes. at this moment the best ways to obtain a clean quad mesh are these:

  1. MOI (http://moi3d.com/): it’s a cheap modelling (295$) that opens rhino files and allows you when exporting to generate nice quad meshes (this is the one I use and works pretty fine for me)

  2. MODO + PowerSubD Nurbs (https://www.thefoundry.co.uk/): much more expansive (1799 + 495$) never had the chance to test it (no trial version of PowerSubD) but knowing a bit their softwares it should be good.

hope I’ve been useful.

Moi is the better route IMHO, you can generate quad/triangles with decent density. I won’t use such a high resolution mesh like what gooner442 posted. It’s important to find a sweet spot for polygonal density, because more polys = more UV to unwrap.


  1. You’ll need to bring your NURBS data into Moi3d

  2. Select all the components you want to export, use the following settings. “Weld Vertices along edges” should be on, export as ngons(easy to UV unwrap).

  3. Moi3d generate bad UVs during the conversion process, you’ll need to create a new UVs (I’m using Modo in the screenshot).

  4. After you’re done with UVing. You need to triangulate the mesh.

  5. Not shown , you can take the mesh into a texturing app to paint textures. I recommend Substance Painter.

  6. Import into UE4 -Import as Static mesh, Import Normals: