Unreal Engine 4 and Augmented Reality

My fellow UE4 users, recently I came across an augmented reality project. I was like “ok, let’s launch UE4 and see what can I do”, and I was very surprised to see that not only there’s no native solution for this, but there’s also no plugins, and almost no discussions about the topic. Basically nothing serious about augmented reality on UE4. How is that possible?

I tried Vuforia SDK for Unity 5, and all I can tell is that the plugin works fine, but Unity is light years behind UE4 in many, many aspects. So, to anyone that knows anything about this: Can I expect to see AR in UE4 soon? Is there a plugin, secret technique, something like that? Can Vuforia SDK be supported by UE4? Are there alternatives that I don’t know about? Has the Internet failed me?

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