Unreal Engine 4 Adventure Game Tutorials

Can anyone provide links for tutorials or information on building adventure games (first or third person) from scratch using Unreal Engine 4. I know that UE4 has not been out very long, but didn’t know if anyone has tackled making tutorials or walkthroughs of this process. Specifically, I am looking for how to create the game user interface (i.e. what is show on the screen: inventory, life, etc) as well as the game mechanics of point-click interface, puzzles, non-player character AI, dialogue, interactions with NPCs and game objects (picking up, setting down objects, etc.) and other interactive parts of the game. I see a lot of tutorials on how to create levels, etc. but nothing really on what I describe above.

Appreciate anyone’s help with this.

i don’t know what kind of researches you did before posting but without checking and i am sure i would find more by a search, i can say :

hud : umg quick start guid or horusheretic tutorial,
point-click : not sure of kind of stuff but i would say pattym or the rts community project at first sight.
puzzle : check market place for the puzzle project downloadable or create a new blank puzzle project and have a look in.
AI : silentx tutorials and others too.
interaction with objects etc : tom looman tutorial.

And i haven’t check. There are a lot of tutorials in market place too in content example blueprint example and of couse the basis :

unreal engine youtube channel and ue 4wiki.

Of course most of those tutorials will need some work, especially the ones made with old versions. But as far as i know there are more of those tutorials than there are create levels ones.

I’m working on a free tutorial book about Adventure games, but it might take a month or two!

Thank you Fen and Kitatus Studios. Look forward to the tutorial book being developed. Do you have a link to what you are developing?

I am also working on a first person adventure game similar to gone home(see my signature :p). We could help each other.

Looking forward to see your tutorial Kitatus.


The free books (Which will be split into three) will be released over the next two-three months:

Book #1 - Point and Click
Book #2 - First Person Adventure (Horror Game Example)
Book #3 - Third-Person Platformer

Book #2 includes a full project for you to rip apart so you can see how I did it.

I may just found my new best friend here. Haha

I would really love an adventure game tutorial!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Whoo sounds like a good idea @KitatusStudios