Unreal Engine 4.9 Released!

Hey there, two questions / reports:

  1. Is there a bug logged for extremely slow landscape grass streaming? I am using a density of 250 and it takes up to 60 seconds for my grass to appear when I hit play.
  2. Is there a bug logged for the Art Tools, i.e. baking imposters / unwrapped meshes? Half of those don’t seem to work, most notably the imposter depth mask baking.

It’s a pity that they still didn’t fixed the aliasing problem, like koola mentioned above and the performance “FPS” are still not that good like in the 4.83 Version of UE4.

Why can’t I download the update,it always shows fails to download

Is it safe to update to Mac OS X El Cap or should I wait for UE 4.10?

Wooooooo UE-20952 fixed! Thanks Epic you guys are amazing!

Do you have enough disk space for the entire download? If that’s not the problem, then you may have a network connectivity issue that is blocking you. View this link to try solutions:

If it doesn’t help, collect your Launcher logs (steps provided at the bottom of the wiki page), and make a post on the Installation & Setup section of the Answerhub.

Hi all, with Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan now released, if anyone can advise on UE 4.9.2 on 10.11 that would be great.

I use (learning) UE4 on my PC so it’s not critical and I am probably going to move away from OS X.

Nonetheless, I’m downloading 10.11 now so I could probably report back tomorrow but I am only on a 4mbit connection.

UE 4.9.2 is known to function on Mac OSX 10.11, however it is not thoroughly tested or fully supported. We are aiming for support with UE 4.10.

Wow that’s amazing. No Arabic support yet?

Thank you for your support!Now I can download the engine normally.(Maybe my network is poor yesterday)

By the way,(I have also verified that refraction does not work correctly on Android or iOS devices. I have submitted a Jira for this as well, which can be referenced as: UE-21001.)it seems that the refraction on metal still doesn’t work in 4.9.2.And the gpu particles still not being implemented in metal.Will them be fixed in 4.10?Thanks very much!

4.9 has been fine on 10.11 (now on 10.11.1 and UE 4.9.2) still no issues.

Wonderful and great article.

I’m still getting the ‘failed import for skeletalmeshcomponent’ error when creating a new project from first person BP…I’m running latest hotfix…

Yes, this is UE-20152 and is not yet resolved.

Can’t believe you guys still have not fixed the landscape painting yet.

It seems that the refraction on metal(UE-21001) still doesn’t work in 4.9.2.And the gpu particles still not being implemented in metal.Will them be fixed in 4.10?Thanks very much!

Any ETA for next fix and UE-20613 ?

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Hi CriErr,

20613 is currently under assessment and is marked as a major bug. Unfortunately I do not have a timeframe of when a fix will be made available.

how those bugs and marketplace submitting are “working together”, this bug spam warning every time when you compile blueprint with array of actors as input, which is affect only log, but still kinda sad.