Unreal Engine 4.9 Released!

Could you guys tell me what key is used to re-center your view when in VR demo mode? Right now my camera is way off and the standard “R” key is not mapped for unreal.


Could you please confirm that no 4.9.2 is forecasted?
If yes, could you please make sure that this major issue is included:

I’m so surprised that Translucent material in UMG have been seen as a issue during testing. Now, I’m stuck with a UI that is not rendering properly so some important information are not here.

We are a team a 10 person not in the same office, compiling from github is not a “option”.

thanks for your help,

Hi Elvince & all,

We are currently preparing a 4.9.2 that we intend to release later this week. It will include a fix for UE-20792 (DrawMaterial() Function not Rendering Translucent Material to HUD), as well as about 20 other fixes for major bugs and crashes. Some of the other important fixes included are for issues such as: crashing when undoing in blueprints, child blueprint classes unable to change values for inherited variables, Chinese language users crashing when changing the language settings, the inability to submit to the Apple store for iOS9, and more. Full details will be made available with the release of the hotfix.


Thanks for the update & support. It’s an excellent news.

Has the Morpheus plugin been removed? I no longer see it as a selectable plugin, whereas it was for me in 4.8.3?

Thanks for your greate work!
I’m a little curious about when these bugs being fixed:UE-21000(DOF crash on metal)
and theBehaviorTree issue:Issue changing between states in Blackboard - UE4 AnswerHub
These two are so important for me!Thanks!

UE-21000 is actually the same root issue as UE-20952 (Launching a Project which uses Depth of Field crashes to Home Screen on iOS8 device), and the fix will be included in the 4.9.2 Hotfix.

Your other issue (with Enumerators in Blackboard) was logged as UE-20867 and has already been fixed and released in the 4.9.1 Hotfix.


Thanks so much to hear this greate news!
However,actually in 4.9.1,I still have this AI issue,which in 4.8.3 never occurs:I have posted a bug report on my own while using 4.9.1,one of the staff told me it was still under investigation…


The 4.9.2 Hotfix is now live!

If you experience a bug with the 4.9.2 Hotfix, please remember to log a bug report for the issue on the UE4 AnswerHub to the Bug Reports section.

Fixed in 4.9.2

Fixed! UE-20792 DrawMaterial() Function not Rendering Translucent Material to HUD
Fixed! UE-21233 Calling RequestStimuliListenerUpdate on actor with one element in AIPerception Sensing Config causes crash
Fixed! UE-21234 Crash on play when AIPerception Senses Config element is set to “sense config” options
Fixed! UE-20913 Undo after deletion in BP editor causes crash
Fixed! UE-17698 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_CoreUObject!UStruct::IsChildOf() [class.h:400]
Fixed! UE-20644 [CrashReport] Crash while undoing in Blueprints - FObjectRecord::FReader::operator
Fixed! UE-20258 Child blueprint classes can no longer change default values for inherited variables
Fixed! UE-21081 Cannot open assets created in 4.9.1 in 4.9.0 version of editor
Fixed! UE-20210 [CrashReport] Crash on Windows Chinese version when changing editor language
Fixed! UE-21337 Movies are not skipped when Wait for Movies to Complete is false
Fixed! UE-21292 Parallax Occlusion Mapping broken on Macs
Fixed! UE-21127 Crash in FSlateImageRun destructor
Fixed! UE-20550 Sliders and check boxs not working on touch screen device
Fixed! UE-21076 Possible divide by zero in animation transitions with zero crossfade durations
Fixed! UE-20961 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!FKShapeElem::GetShapeCheck<FKConvexElem>() [shapeelem.h:55]
Fixed! UE-20952 Launching a Project which uses Depth of Field crashes to Home Screen on iOS8 device
Fixed! UE-21123 PowerVR Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500) shows black scene when MobileHDR enabled
Fixed! UE-21367 Submitting to App store for IOS 9 leads to validation errors
Fixed! UE-20940 Effects.umap causes Standalone and Mobile Preview PIE to Crash
Fixed! UE-21126 Foliage culling broken on XboxOne
Update UE-21185 Update buttons on CrashReporter window to encourage submission

Nice list of crash fix …
… but no fix on the dithering/aa bug (and that make me sad^^)

On 4.9.2

Thanks for all the bug fixes! Awesome progression.

Also, you guys are continually not including the “ART TOOLS” in the “EXTRAS” folder of the OSX build.
Please double check that.


Hey there, two questions / reports:

  1. Is there a bug logged for extremely slow landscape grass streaming? I am using a density of 250 and it takes up to 60 seconds for my grass to appear when I hit play.
  2. Is there a bug logged for the Art Tools, i.e. baking imposters / unwrapped meshes? Half of those don’t seem to work, most notably the imposter depth mask baking.

It’s a pity that they still didn’t fixed the aliasing problem, like koola mentioned above and the performance “FPS” are still not that good like in the 4.83 Version of UE4.

Why can’t I download the update,it always shows fails to download

Is it safe to update to Mac OS X El Cap or should I wait for UE 4.10?

Wooooooo UE-20952 fixed! Thanks Epic you guys are amazing!

Do you have enough disk space for the entire download? If that’s not the problem, then you may have a network connectivity issue that is blocking you. View this link to try solutions:

If it doesn’t help, collect your Launcher logs (steps provided at the bottom of the wiki page), and make a post on the Installation & Setup section of the Answerhub.

Hi all, with Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan now released, if anyone can advise on UE 4.9.2 on 10.11 that would be great.

I use (learning) UE4 on my PC so it’s not critical and I am probably going to move away from OS X.

Nonetheless, I’m downloading 10.11 now so I could probably report back tomorrow but I am only on a 4mbit connection.

UE 4.9.2 is known to function on Mac OSX 10.11, however it is not thoroughly tested or fully supported. We are aiming for support with UE 4.10.

Wow that’s amazing. No Arabic support yet?