Unreal Engine 4.9 Preview

Decals for mobile. Yes, finally :slight_smile: Now I just can’t wait for the final built.

What about the improved spline mesh components?

Oculus VR preview still broken… sigh
Otherwise, awesome update!

Is this fix in the preview build?


According to GitHub it is in 4.9.

I managed to make it work (after the 10th time it just worked) but now i have this yellow warning on the output log for EVERY sprite that i have (>10.000).
Example: explosion_18_png.uasset’ has been saved with empty engine version. The asset will be loaded but may be incompatible.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Trello says experimental VS2015 support is available in 4.9. What gives?

AndroidWorks installer is still in testing and will likely be included in Preview 2. I believe everything needed for compatibility with AndroidWorks 1R1 is in place in Preview 1 so you can try it from NVIDIA’s site if you wish to do so.

Either resave the assets with a build-machine built editor, or add:


To your DefaultEngine.ini

Michael Noland

The redirector warning is real, and it will cause problems for games that use skeletal controls as those nodes were moved again in 4.9 (again is the operative word). Due to how the settings editor saves inis, these keys have been getting duplicated out into DefaultEngine.ini in games if any properties in the Project Settings … Engine … General settings panel are edited, which means the base versions in the engine won’t take effect when the value is changed again.

In order to fix the warnings, delete all of the ActiveClassRedirects, K2Redirects, etc… from your [GameProjectDir]\Config\DefaultEngine.ini file (Note: If you added any yourself in order to move game-specific classes around, obviously keep those ^_^).

I’m hoping that we’ll get a fix in 4.9 to avoid writing out these non-modified settings when editing a section in the editor, but it’s not done yet, so whether it will make 4.9 or not is TBD.

Michael Noland

Do “Spawn Decal at Location” work for mobile?

Does the “Dynamic Character Shadows can be used with otherwise static lighting and shadowing” require the Deferred Rendering with Metal support(which requires Github source)?

Can’t seem to get shadows to work on device…

4.8 already works with Windows 10 64bit so I am sure 4.9 will…Testing it out myself now

When support for c #?

What about volumetric lighting? Are they any plans for implementation with the upcoming 4.9 release ?

will 4.9 add dynamic gravity?

oh yes thank you! this is just in time… hopefully it will fix the session bug for old converted projects

I still would like to see Geometry function in UMG Blueprints which doesn’t require it to be gotten from Tick, OnTouch Started etc. It would be helpful for certain positioning on different mobile devices. Like get current Geometry and then add that to Get Local Size. Read this and add it please :D.

Yeeaaahhh boooyyyy!

The Metal Preview still has a lot of issues such as crashing after click stop,and particle rendering…

How can I make the dynamic point light cast dynamic shadows?Thanks!