Unreal Engine 4.8 Preview

Awesome guys, the Ed and launcher seems stalled while downloading. I am a happy camper.

Is there any improvement for supporting low-end mobile devices?

Multi texture support for paper2d sprites… LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Thanks for the hard work!

My Project crashes on hitting play :rolleyes: Who would have thought that I will have problems with 4.8 :wink:

I didn’t see it reported in the list above, but if you create a new FPS template, there are new arms but no GUN. Shooting magic balls =)

Also, still anxious to test drive that network demo tool somehow.

Another crash while dragging around UI tabs… Even reproducible, can’t get the details panel from the right to the left :wink:

Pretty sure that’s intended now. The blue gun used to be part of the forearm mesh and difficult to unattach to swap with gun meshes. Now you can just make a socket and plug in any old gun mesh.

I’m looking forward to see the enhancements in the UMG!

Thanks Alexander for the answer,

Also I’m not sure if I should continue to post issues here or somewhere else? but…

  1. UMG Animation Editor changes are awesome. However, I started to do some widget animations. I simply keyed a button going left to right across the screen which worked fine. I then opened the new curve editor feature and manipulated the curve successfully. Then, I added a new key to the curve which ended up adding the correct new key, but it also added additional new curves unrelated to what I was animating. Instead of just adding a single key to the “Offsets Left”, it added keys for Top, Right, & Bottom messing up the animations completely.

edit: 4.8 Preview 1 UMG Animation Curve Add Keys Bug - UI - Unreal Engine Forums

For something that complicated, I would suggest entering a bug report at answers.unrealengine.com so I can get a tech to investigate it. Anyone entering bug reports can link them to me and I’ll assign a tech to them immediately. Additionally we have several eyes watching new reports coming in for 4.8 on the answerhub, so it might be assigned before I get to it even.

Same goes for anyone with a crash. We have several known crashes that will be fixed by release, but we need to check callstacks/log files to verify nothing new has appeared.

Nice. I what about the spline component update? would this also be within the release?

Hi John,

I was able to reproduce this. I’ll update here once I get a ticket in with this.

Thank you!



Reported with UE-15075

First one of my 4.8 bug reports https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/223729/48p1-parentchild-bug-crashes-engine.html :cool:

Can’t express how excited i am about 4.8. I’ve been dreaming of a proper way of placing foliage since the UDK days. :o

Awesome, downloading now! Finally some improved DOF/Motion Blur- really excited about these + the grass foliage optimisations!

thanks a lot will be checking it out

I wish there was a list of the stuff that has been fixed and added to blueprints

for example do struct arrays finaly support copying and some other stuff i reported here:

also any update on bluetilities?

Alright, I’ve got TJ looking into what happened with that.

I’ve got Rudy looking into it right now.

I’m very touched. It’s awesome! Open World support and Full dynamic global illumination. Thank you Epic! <3 <3 <3

EPIC EDIT: Note, we’ve removed the mention of global illumination from these notes because we’ve determined it’s only a minor feature prototype at this phase.

Wasn’t 4.8 supposed to contain support for Android OBB downloading and splash screen? Did it make it? Does it even publish for Android at all?