Unreal Engine 4.8 Preview 3 Not Removing Replaced Actors and Not All Blueprints Showing in World Outliner After Replace Operation

Replace with Actor Not Removing Selected Actors.

When you click on and select meshes to replace in the editor’s viewport, then select a Blueprint to replace it with in the Content Browser, then right click on a selected actor and in the popup menu choose Replace selected actors with (And choosing your blueprint), the blueprint is placed at the locations of the selected mesh, but the originally selected actors remain and are not removed, so it acts more as an actor place instead of a replace feature.

UPDATE: It also appears I cannot delete the newly placed blueprint/actors, and they don’t show up in the World Outliner but they do in the editor viewport. The problem here is I have 4 wall blueprints added and it’s only showing 1.

UPDATE 2: The reason the World Outliner wasn’t showing the replaced blueprint/actors was because the items weren’t actually added outside of the render buffer, after doing a Rebuild All the other walls were removed except for the original wall. I had to manually make a copy of the wall blueprint for each wall seperately and place each wall manually. This is also seems to be why the original mesh appears to remain in it’s original place, so when you use Replace selected actors with then a Rebuild is needed and then the original object is removed from the render buffer, thus, appearing normally as it should. So as long as I remember that next time I use the feature it shouldn’t be much of a problem and is more of an inconvenience that takes a little more time to always rebuild, until or unless that is fixed.


Hey ,

I’m in 4.8.0 Preview 3. I created a new First Person Template and created a blueprint. I then selected ‘BigWall2’ from the First Person Template and selected ‘replace selected actors with’ where I then selected the new blueprint I had just created. This replaced the static mesh, and the shadow from the wall was left over. I then rebuilt the lighting and the shadow disappeared. The new blueprint that was placed for the big wall is also referred to as ‘BigWall2’ and it has a link to open the blueprint editor beside it.

This all seems as if it’s working correctly therefore, I’d like to clarify with you.

Are you seeing that ‘Box Brush’ is now listed as your 4 walls, because you selected them all at once, and then replaced them with the blueprint? If so, did you notice that the object names that used to be the walls, before replacing them with the blueprints are now the names of each of the blueprints you’ve added into the scene?

From my test on this, I was not able to duplicate a bug where the names did not appear, or where actors were not deleted from the scene. I was also able to see each of the new blueprints added to my scene in place of the old actor shape.

Looking forward to hearing more from you, thank you! :slight_smile:

Hey ,

I have not heard from you since your initial post and for this reason, I must mark this question as resolved for tracking purposes. However, if you have any further questions regarding this topic, please reply back and I will assist you further. For all other questions, please post a new question to AnswerHub.

Thank you and have a wonderful day! :slight_smile: