Unreal Engine 4.8 Material Problem

I Have Some Problem With Material In Unreal Engine 4.8… Please Help Me…

You can alter the material to scale down the UV, or alter the mesh UV mapping to better fit the material.

And How I Will Do That… I Am New… Please Tell Me… Thanks…


Try to do this:

  1. Create copy material.
  2. Open in material editor and add Multiply and Scalar Parameter nodes for tiling system.



  1. Create Instance material from modified material and assign it to the floor.
  2. Open Material Instance and adjust tiling.

This might help

This has changed with 4.8 it use to be in the Editor already.

For All Material I Got The Same Problem… Am I The Only One Who Getting This Kinds Of Problem…?

In previous versions it was BSP and all shaders be created for UVs of this geometry type. In last versions in templates was used Static Meshes and other UVs, but shaders is still for BSP UVs and still not fixed yet for Static Meshes.