Unreal Engine 4.8 Github

Can someone point me in the direction of where I can get my hands on the 4.8 Build that’s suppose to be on Github. I have no idea how to get to it on Github as every time I try to follow UnrealEngine it just takes me to my home screen. Also, once I have it, how do I build it so that I can use it for my beta?


You have to go here

and after you get there there is pretty easy to understand directions bro, after you click the engine link.

the promoted build is what I use as its safer, the master branch is pretty much live.

let me know if you need better instructions

So the promoted Build is basically 4.8 and Master Branch would be 4.6?

Release branch is 4.7, this is what you get when you download from the launcher. Master is the most current iteration. Promoted is a hybrid incorporating mostly stable features from the master branch.

If you haven’t already, somewhere on your Epic account management page you can link your Github ID and they will invite you.

Naw by live I ment its the engine in its newest and rawest form, more prone to all the bugs and etc. promoted build is a bit safer but still 4.8

So once I download it do I just add it to my Engine folder? What’s the process on getting started with it? The tutorial I saw seems outdated since the mandatory file downloads are no where on the page in the video.

Epic has set up instructions on the Engine’s main repository page, just scroll down to “Getting up and running”.