Unreal Engine 4.7 Saving Notification Sticking

If Unreal Editor is minimized, the saving notification remains shown when an automatic save is performed.

When the Unreal Editor window is brought back into focus then the saving notification will disappear, otherwise it stays on the screen.

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Are you using the 4.7.3 version of the Editor? I have set mine to autosave every minute, and it does not stay in the lower right side of the corner when it’s saving. A larger save box appears in the middle of my screen instead. If you could please let me know which version you’re on, that’ll be greatly helpful.

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I’m using 4.7.3

I generally set mine to higher count around 30 minutes and warning 30 seconds to lower of instability or possible memory/performance leaks and unnecessary overwrites on hardrive that may occur with frequent saving with multiple development products open or issues during security software scans interfering with process message calls on the stack during processing which may cause pauses.

I leave the editor running for a longtime nowadays and used to manual saves with each change and the save notifications feel like they come up all the time even on 30 minutes.

The editor saving seems improved now as nothing changes if you haven’t modified and doesn’t re-save already saved objects already so I might decrease the timing again.

That maybe related to the problem I’m facing, thanks for pointing that out I’ll check it and see if lowering the notification and/or save frequency helps, though the problem was that the notification popups do not close if the editor was left minimized so the timing may not be the determining factor, I’ll monitor it.

You’re welcome. Keep us posted on what occurs for you. I didn’t change my settings back after assisting you earlier, and I haven’t had that occur yet either. But I’m on the look out for any bug that may be related to this. :slight_smile:

Still happens, tested the save time settings and the timing doesn’t affect it.

What I do know is it happens when the save process initiates and the editor is left in a minimized state before the automatic save is performed while editor is minimized. And it happens at a random point when I’ve had the editor open a longtime.

I’ve been unable to determine any specific steps to manually reproduce it in a controlled manner, not even making adjustments (such as dragging a UMG object in the designer) and not saving or saving and making adjustments and with forcing a blueprint compile error shows anything.

So I don’t know, but it happens, I do consider this to be a very low profile bug though because it doesn’t seem to impact any work I’m doing with the editor and the notification goes away once I re-focus the editor window even if the notification was previously stuck on the desktop and the save process seems to complete regardless of the notification sticking.

Hey ,

I apologize for the late response to your thread, I have been out of work. Luckily, I ran into your issue while I was catching up on a few things at home. With that being said, I have since submitted a bug report for the saving notification. If you need to reference this bug at any time, please contact us and refer to: UE-13198

Thank you so much for your report. :slight_smile: