Unreal Engine 4.7 Released!

So there is a chance for a 4.7.5 fixing the crashes and including the new better struct default value fix? :cool:

Thanks for clearing it up. But is hotfix update intended to redownload the whole engine again or should it just patch?

The Mac texture issue was really annoying, thanks!

It still not saving the values of the struct correctly… I understand if it was fixed in the master branch, but… my problem is not being able to download 4.7.2 anymore. 4.7.2 works for me, but I can’t use 4.7.3 or 4.7.4…

… sad frog is sad.

I was never able to use 4.7.2. But I can confirm that the struct default value problems are still inside 4.7.4. Hopefully that will be fixed in 4.7.5…

YES! Great that you put this in 4.7.4, that crash has been haunting me for weeks.

Again, stop trying to hit me and hit me!
How can i get support for leap motion controller?? There is no github content available through Epic Games…
Thanks in advance.

has anyone figured out how to make dlc with the unreal engine yet or is it still hopeless?

I would like to know about this as well. Sadly I am considering getting unity to see if it does this and other things that I can get no answers for with UE4.

Why are you caring about DLCs at the moment? Until you have finished your games there will surely be a nice perfect way to handle DLCs in UE4 :wink: And before you finished your games you don’t really have to think about this. Or just don’t think about DLCs in general but just do something like standalone DLCs.

True gamers hates DLC.

Because before you even start with actual game play code, you need to have all the other stuff down. Why bother to work hard to make a game, if in the end, you can not run a dedicated server, if you can not set up a master server to serve all the dedicated servers, if you can not allow others to add custom maps that are automatically downloaded (DLC)? If making a multiplayer game, these are IMPORTANT.

You can add custom maps without any problem, as far as I know. I would not call this DLC. I know, it’s downloadable content, but generally speaking of DLCs there is usually meant a bit more than just one map. You know, stuff that actually changes the game exe.

I have not found anything about how it is done with a simple map, either to add it in so it is seen, or transfer it.

Of course this would apply to mods, if a server is running a mod and you connect, it should be auto downloaded. But again, have so far not seen how this is accomplished.

Hey folks,

This thread isn’t the ideal location to discuss DLC, but there is some information available about the plans and handling of DLC here: Patch and DLC support - UE4 AnswerHub (note, you may need to click a + symbol on one of the comments to see its response)

The information was originally written in January so some aspects may be changed now.

If you want to continue the DLC discussion, please begin a new forum thread, or post specific questions on the AnswerHub.


Stephen, have tried that, and always receive zero response. Guess we aren’t allowed to discuss features of the engine in a thread about the engine. :rolleyes:

Yes, long time , i say that launcher is a pain , bad version update , corrupted file , UE4 broken etc… Now , i try to restart launch until i see good version before update everything .

I just mean that any specific discussion is best in its own dedicated thread. Sorry we didn’t spot your previous inquiries into DLC.


The 4.7.5 Hotfix is now live! It contains a few critical crash fixes.

If you experience a bug with the 4.7.5 Hotfix, please remember to log a bug report for the issue on the UE4 AnswerHub to the Bug Reports section.

Fixed in 4.7.5

UE-13250 Multiplayer Shootout project sample crashes on start
UE-13274 Projects crashing on launch after converting from 4.7.3 to 4.7.4
UE-11828 HydroErosion on landscape crashes on Linux