Unreal Engine 4.7 Preview

Hey TAN_, the preview releases are not meant to be full releases or ready for prime time. Read more about the new process via our blog :slight_smile:

This is only the first of multiple preview releases, each preview will have more features added. It is likely the work being done has not progressed far enough to be included yet, but UMG is a high priority feature so I would not be surprised to see additional updates by the time 4.7 is actually released. :slight_smile:

Christmas came unusually early this year! Great to be able to test stuff earlier.

And Im already toying around for days with the 4.8 from the master branch :slight_smile:

Great new features! But i would LOVE you guys IF you was to put simple dynamic lighting to spotlights in mobile. Unity does it, so why can’t u guys give us the option to switch to dynamic lighting for spotlights on mobile? i know you guys are working on it, i just want it to come sooner lol just for spotlights atleast. That would help me ALOT!

I hope then :slight_smile:

TAN_, your opinion matters :slight_smile:

The main motivation behind switching our process is making our main releases more stable. We want 4.7 to be as stable as say 4.6.1 or 4.6.2 (if we have one). As someone who values stability you will hopefully have a better experience with the 4.x.0 releases going forward.

Our plan is to have weekly updates of the in-flight build for early adopters. We won’t drive the development team towards a release date per se, but rather work with the community on making sure crashes and regressions are fixed before the first official release. So we wouldn’t release 4.7 before the known blockers in 4.7.preview.x are fixed.

This is not for everyone, but looking at our stats a significant enough percentage of people value the previews that having them more often allows us to work with people directly to improve the quality. In my ideal world we’d publish nightlies like Chrome and Firefox, but we aren’t there yet from a release quality point of view and this process should be a good starting point / balance for people that would like early access and want to work with us on improving the product and participating in the development.

In short, for folks like yourself I would suggest holding out for the official release and hopefully you will see an increase in quality and stability due to our collaboration with community members that like to live on the bleeding edge.

Awesome! Finally some foliage improvements :smiley:

I would love to see blueprint components where you could adjust the component’s rotation by a single degree instead of the current minimum of 5 degrees.

Just to give you guys an early heads up, we are planning to no longer officially support the Visual Studio 2012 compiler in Unreal Engine 4.7. So if you’re using the 2012 version for some reason, please plan on switching over to Visual Studio 2013. Remember, you can use the free community version if you want to.

Also, early next year we’ll be working on adding support for Visual Studio 2015 (which is currently in Preview testing.)

Even though we aren’t officially supporting or testing Visual Studio 2012 on Windows anymore, you should still be able to get the engine and editor compiling on that platform fairly easily in 4.7 if you need to, but in versions beyond that it may become more difficult. We’ll of course continue to support the 2012 compiler on Xbox One platform which requires that version of the compiler.


You can already change that to your liking in Editor Preferences > Viewports > Grid Snapping.

or just tick that icon that’s right next to where you chose the degree minimum in the editor.

This foliage update is a massive improvement to FPS!

Question: DLC support is marked on trello to December, will this also come on 4.7 or we’ll get it just on 4.8? :smiley:

Oh my god thank you!

I was hoping for this change. It was quite ridiculous changing a variable in a large BP.

I’m already super happy. Even though I hoped as well for a bit umg but hey. :slight_smile:

Does this preview build also include the mobile SDK so we can get started on Gear VR development?

On my foliage (trees) heavy map I actually went from 50-60 fps down to 20-30 fps. It seems that instancing doesn’t work nor LOD meshes.

Sad to see that there’s still no mention of the particle collision bug, root motion scaling or phat scaling.

HIGHLY excited for the ability to change the type of existing variables and improvements to BP editor/compile times. I swear my Character BP is molasses, and the speed improvements from 4.5 to 4.6 were a really welcome change.

It’s funny, UE makes a big deal about rolling out new features in a way that sometimes frustrates people who are more interested in improving the stability and speed of existing stuff, but I find that I’m waiting endlessly for features but grateful for all the speed and stability improvements

Thanks Epic! I think the move is brilliant. The idea will help deal with problems before the official releases other than waiting for hotfixes the old way :wink:

Thanks Epic for the great work.