Unreal engine 4.7.4 Crash

Hi so basically when i try to put a tree out from the kite demo ue4 crashes anyone else got this problem or is it just me?

I can put out all other objects except from the Open World demo collection i downloaded . If this is a bug i want to report it . Any help would be appreciated

Same issue here… When i try to drop a tree into the scene the whole editor crashes “freeze”.
For all other assets it takes like a minute or two “for some reason” to drop them into the scene. No idea why this is happening.

Same problem HDRs freeze the demo and the Maps stop loading at 70% which freeze. I am running dual xeons, 64 GB and two Quadro 5200s. I doubt it is my specs. But maybe it is.

I havent tested it yet but I have heard that the package just works well with the 4.8 (which you can download from github) :slight_smile:

-otherwise post your crash log in here (documents-unreal projects - project name - saved - logs - the file which get generated after the crash)
-what happens when you just let the pc work? -> the tree could be pretty high poly, so it could take a while. Some people waited for around 30 mins to load everything.

Thought I was having the same issue, left it running in the background for a while and it came back to life. Seems to just take a while to get going.

Ok 100.000 tris is a lot but i have loaded already assets with 200K or 500K but it never took so loooong :slight_smile: However i thinbk i will wait for the full 4.8 release.

Hey guys! We are currently taking a look at this issue on our end and hope to have a resolution as soon as possible.

In the Meantime if anyone has any crash logs of this issue feel free to PM them to me, you can find them here…

i’ve managed to get the assets into my game without crashing.

What I am doing is double clicking on them before attempting to drop them into the scene. It still takes a while to load them into the mesh / uv editor, however I am finding that it won’t (so far) crash when compiling the asset for the first time in this way, rather than just dropping it straight away into the scene (for me at least)

after it’s done loading, I can place it in the world without issue.

I’m experiencing the same issue. Opening up the assets in their corresponding editors does seem to work, though it takes a bit of time. Still have yet to be able to open up either of the maps.

Kite demo asset freezes client, when adding ScotsPine_01 BP to Foliage Tool https://answers.unrealengine/questions/206399/kite-demo-asset-freezes-client-when-adding-scotspi.html

Ive been wanting to play with the assets for a while now but cant. have the issues been fixed?