Unreal Engine 4.7.1 Bugs

Hi Epic!

First of all, thank you so much for making UE4 free to use! It’s well appreciated! The UI change wasn’t needed :stuck_out_tongue: anyway.

I have to reports some bugs.

1st: Launcher, when I launch the launcher after update it’s forget my project that is use via source control.
- Source Control used : Perforce
- Remote Server with Server 2012R2, dedicated IP and just enough resources to run it. (Let’s face it only holds data)
2nd: Source Control it self. In previous version the UE Editor remembered the settings and it auto logged me in. Now I have to log in every time.
- When I check out one file, and work on it, and try compile. It gives me error that I need to check out another file. (Which is great) so I click on the check out link but it won’t check out the corresponding file. So I have to hunt for the right file.
- Plus for some reason when I start the project. Apparently I need to save the map when I try go to another level. I haven’t even made any changes.

  - The project was made in 4.6.1 and converted to last version, could it cause that? My next step is to completely reinstall UE 4.7.1. 

Lastly it’s seems to be more crashing then before? In the UGM Editor I have highlighted two Horizontal Boxes and Tried to wrap it with Border and UE Decided to crash. Then when I copy a Blueprint Node and paste it and crash. I have sent the report, but I can’t provide any more details.

Before we decided to think that it may be my pc it’s high spec and pretty sure it can handle UE :wink:

Thanks again and hope you can help.

PS: Thank you for Unreal Tournament Pre Alpha! It’s lovely!!! I do have favour, make it work on Eyefinity Set up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (5790px-1080px)

Hey Asmondien,

Thanks for the bug report! Could you do us a grand favour and post this on AnswerHub too if you haven’t already? It makes it much easier for the team to track bugs over there.