Unreal Engine 4.5 Released!

Thank you ! Another amazing update !

when it takes me more then 5 seconds to scroll though the patch notes, you know its gonna be a good day

Looking forward to trying this out tonight! Skimming through the notes, I’m curious what is meant by the last sentence here:

Maybe someone could expand on that?

This is impressive guys, once again: thank you!

Thanks for the update, But how can i bring back the good english version?? for me spanish version is cool but for my expirence is much better to keep english version due finding options its hard.

WOW, it’s released now.

Thanks for this massive release!

Sorry to be a downer, but I have editor breaking issue. My project wouldn’t open in 4.5 due to a Plugin (Ramas plugin).

When I picked build the plugin for 4.5, it will fail & asked me to complied from source! If I pick no, the window close & nothing happened.

A project/file done using previous revision cannot be even open (never mind open with some errors which you can then correct) due to plugin is unheard of. Thankfully I have a clone, otherwise, a lot of stuff is going to be damage in my room.

Can Epic look into this, Thanks.

You’ll need to wait until Rama releases the plugin for 4.5. For the time being, you could remove the plugin to continue development until he gets around to it.

I removed his plugin so now it works. I can accept the plugins not working, but I wasn’t expecting not able to even open the project. Thankfully the project can still open in 4.4.3. I just remove the plugin & any links to it.

I am too impatient to wait. Thankfully I did not use that much.

But I still have the ‘preview’ under the 4.5.0 in launcher. Is it normal?

Its late now in Germany, I will get to bed, & test out 4.5 features tomorrow. I am waiting for 4.5 before diving into UMG. Can’t wait to make my game menus.

want more info on ES 3.1 also…
perhaps it’s related to “Target Hardware Selection” enabling all renderer features = ES 3.1 +AEP?

I am most looking forward to C++ hot reload and the new shadows! By the way, you guys have some nice download servers… capping my internet!

Awesome to see this come out in full release now, a really great update :).

However a large concern I had with the preview in regards to UMG text objects, appears to have continued through to this full release.
It seems the 'Text Block’s completely ignore the ‘style’ settings, and are only affected by the appearance settings.
This means that you can’t just copy/paste your style across to other Text Blocks, you have to copy/paste each individual setting, which takes forever.
Additionally when making any changes to the texts appearance you have to run an event for each thing you want to change (color, shadow color, shadow offset, etc),
and it also means you can’t change the texts font size at all because there’s no available option for that in blueprint.

Is their a point to having a style option for Text Blocks, when it doesn’t actually do anything, is there some setting somewhere you are meant to be able to switch it to read the style instead?

No new content in Market Place from Epic for this 4.5? No Infiltrator? Nothing?

What changed in the physics? My simulated bones are spazzing out all over the place.

The new starter artist map background of a building and surrounds does my eyes/head in, I had to remove it. Being out of focus does weird things to my head lol.

Way cool!!!


also want more info on es3.1 feature…

When’s 4.6 coming out? Just kidding. Couldn’t resist. This is so awesome! Thanks Epic.

Particle’s position shift is still not fixed in 4.5.

We were waiting for this since 4.3…