Unreal Engine 4.4 Crash On Exit

Hey Guys!

I’m using unreal 4.4 on my macbook air 2013. Since 4.4 update I’m finding crash in my computer to be more frequent. In fact, every time I save all assets and quit project it crashes with following error displayed:

Whenever I close editor without saving contents and it asks whether or not I want to save it and I click on save. It crashes with report shown above.

But If I save all contents and then close editor. It doesn’t crash.

So what’s causing this problem? Am I doing something wrong or is it just a bug.

EDITED : Here is the - [Log File][2]

Please help. Thanks.

Hey Amaresh,

Sorry you’re getting more crashes since updating. We could use some more information from you to better find cause. Please refer to this post and get us your crash logs and system information:


@ Should I post it as an attachment or anything else?

If you up logs, you can attach file. Otherwise we’d need a link from which to download them.

I’ve uploaded it. Take a look. And thanks for quick response. Cheers!

We’ve fixed a number of crash bugs in Mac version of editor with 4.5. Your log isn’t very revealing & crash reporter hasn’t provided any relevant data either, so could I ask you to try project again in 4.5 when it is released?