Unreal engine 4.3 : EXPAND ENUM FOR OUTPUT PINS .

What is it exactly ? Does it make it possible to make functions with multiple inputs and outputs ?
And how do i make one of those ?

It makes your life easier after you create a function or marco that takes an enum as input/output.
More or less a “tree don’t go too messy” feature.

I see, Thanks !

But how can i implement it when i’m making a new function in the blueprint editor ?

You don’t need to implement anything, just make a function witch has an enum as an output pin. Then all you need to do it right click on the output pin and pick expand.

You’ll need to activate the feature in your editor preferences under experimental

/ Kyle

Are you sure you are not mixing with " Allow splitting of struct pins " ?
I don’t find any way to make it work, can you show an example please ?

Bump ! anyone ?

It possible only with C++ AFAIK

I see, thanks !