Unreal Engine 4.27 Preview

I still get a problem with 4.27… that i have with 4.26. I dont know which other versions have it but it was working fine back in the days of 4.20. If i try to build reflection captures in my level at the same time… it crashes the editor with an out of memory error. It did this with a single rtx 3090 and it also does it with dual rtx 3090 in nvlink. What can i do??? Will you ever fix this??? I mean one would think 48 gb of video memory would be enough.

Hi there!

I see switchboard is now being used to run the new NDisplay Configs. Figured that out… however it doesn’t seem like the nDisplay window offset works the same way it did in the original config files. I’m trying to have my rendered window appear on a third monitor in Windows (not delegated as the main monitor), but Ndisplay will only run and display a window beginning at 0,0 on Windows desktop space. I’m trying to add an offset so it appears on the third monitor (i.e. the nDisplay window renders at (-1080,1440)). Closest I could get in the new nDisplay config was the position offset on the Host Cluster element details pane. Any help is great!

From this page, I have learned that remote control can call the functions in the blueprint, but I cannot find any custom functions in the function libraries of Remote Control Preset. Can I add custom functions on 4.27?

Additionally - does anyone know if the multi-user setup within switchboard is functioning properly? I’m not sure if mine’s working and I don’t know if there’s anything I need to set up beforehand. Doesn’t seem to work out of the box…

I’ve had it working. If you go into settings, you need to select the auto-start server, and auto-connect options. I don’t remember having to set up anything else.

You will need to use your own engine from github and compile the plugins there. Copy them to the plugins folder inside your ue4 engine plugins folder (after you built the engine once) and build with the new plugins.

I’d love for 4.27 to be already released, but judging by the daily commits it’s not happening any time soon :frowning:


Does anyone have a release date for 4.27?
In the middle of production for a project launching in September.
Ok to use 4.27?

Another problem is “VideoEncoderInput.h:9:10: fatal error: ‘CudaModule.h’ file not found”, could someone help me solve the problem?

LQ lightmaps not being denoised has been fixed in the next preview of 4.27. If you have BSPs they are not supported by GPULM thus unbuilt


Any eta on 4.27 release of GPU Lightmass?

Probably at the same time when 4.27 is released :laughing:

Guys, could anyone make a how to, to load st-maps from nuke into ue? really need it

thx, cheers