Unreal Engine 4.27-Chaos Preview now available on the Epic Games launcher

Preview 1 for the 4.27-Chaos build is here!

We want to thank everyone for your continued help in testing the 4.26-Chaos build, along with all your additional feedback on the Chaos system as a whole.

With the binary build you can experience Chaos first hand, including cloth, vehicles, and destruction! Be sure to check out the documentation on the Chaos Physics and Destruction System.

Please note: the 4.27-Chaos build can be found at the bottom of the dropdown.

Chaos-ready templates and demos
Once you’ve downloaded the 4.27-Chaos Preview build, you can test drive the Vehicle, and Advanced Vehicle templates with updated Chaos actors and smash into the Chaos Destruction Demo , available on the Learn Tab. To get started with the Chaos Destruction Demo, you’ll need to follow these instructions on configuring it for this new Preview.

Please keep in mind that the path in those instructions will differ slightly to: //UE4/Release-4.27-Chaos/Engine/Source/Programs/UnrealBuildTool/Configuration/TargetRules.cs

See below issues fixed with the 4.27-Chaos build:

UE-120484	GitHub 8258 : Fix convex vs trimesh collision when trimesh is scaled.
UE-119382	GitHub 8211 : Update CollisionProfile.cpp
UE-122140	Editor crashes when triggering several examples one by one on the 'TM-ChaosFields' level
UE-122134	Editor crashes when closing PIE after activating example 4 on the 'TM-ChaosFields' level
UE-119777	Crash when PIE in the level with SystemFieldActor which has Set Culling Field function's input pin unconnected
UE-104841	Crash with geometry collection in es3.1 preview

Have fun with the Chaos- happy developing!

Additional note: We’re working on a fix for the GitHub branch. This should be resolved soon. Thanks!


Hi, I have followed the instructions but when I open the demo the destruction doesn’t work. I have noticed that you are mentioning some sort of fix. I have taken following steps from the guide and forum:

  1. installed 4.27 chaos source build from github
  2. downloaded project. Right clicked to change to version 4.27.chaos source build
  3. I have replaced 2 x downloaded files .target.cs uploaded by Amanda
  4. inside of the visual studio of the chaos 4.27 build. I build the project and open it.
  5. project opens fine with chaos plugin enabled. I do manually enable chaos field. Restart.
  6. when I play in editor the supplied maps in chaos project no destruction happens at all.

Could you please advice what am I doing wrong? Many Thanks in advance.