Unreal Engine 4.27 AudioComponent not working on Android

Is there a way to make AudioComponent work on Android and IOS?
I’m doing tests with emulators, but there is no case, the AudioComponent seems to only work on windows, it doesn’t even work on Linux.
Any API or something to use?
I mean, I want to capture the audio on Android from the microphone, how do I do it if the AudioComponent seems not to be supported by Android or iOS?
as you will see in the video, the emulator works with the APK downloaded from the playstore, but not with the unreal project

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In this post they tell me that Component audio works on mobile devices, but they haven’t tested it on emulators.

Finally I was able to find the SOLUTION
the AudioComponent works correctly on Android, but you have to enable the options within the APP.
I mean you go to the microphone option and activate it.
In my case activate all, because I am using an emulator called LDPlayer with a webcam.
I leave some example images of the LDplayer emulator, it should be similar on any mobile device.
I will remain as a task, find out how to put that option by default, when I find out I will come back to comment here.
For now I leave this as the solution.

emulator link.


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LDPLAYER cannot be installed, i Install LD PLAYER 9 LDPlayer PC 9 - Download Emulator LD Play Lite 5.0 on Windows