Unreal Engine 4.26 Vscode errors

This is Unreal Engine 4.26 built from source XD they re worked the intellisense and it is showing same errors that were back in the day…ds-are-su.html half intellisense is working but it can’t understand macros variables… Its just annoying… defines are however still there just in a different file… there is a header file from where it comes from I will try to change it… Epic please show some love to VS Code “_” no definitions in 4.25 and now in 4.26 incomplete intellisense :slight_smile: This is an example of a newly created C++ class of type actor.

Try step 10 of my guide. I already wrote this on reddit but procrastinated updating my guide cause I thought they’d fix it by now…

Yes I also saw this on the vscode cpp github issue tracker where i reported the bug… Thanks for sharing !

Just installed 4.26 with hope that VS Code will work but it doesn’t - so sad :frowning:


in your **compileCommands_YourProjectName.json file


Tell if this fixes 4.26 intellisense for you.

Not the other poster, but the find/replace on the “command” inside the project “compileCommands_[my proj].json” worked for me on Ubuntu / VSCode, and has (so far) removed the intellisense error on the “:” that the screenshot shows at the top.

Then the cpp class intellisense (error: “no instance of overloaded function XYZ matches the specified type”) was fixed by doing the same to the Unreal Engine “compileCommands_[my proj].json”.

I first experienced the issue with #include “CoreMinimal.h” being underlined in red, but this one was solved by refreshing the VScode project after having created the new h/cpp class, as suggested at the top of this link: Removing red squiggles (Intellisense errors) for Unreal Engine · GitHub.

So thanks to all of those who participated in that thread - intellisense is now functional.

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It is not a permanent solution. Whenever you refresh project solution from the editor or add new classes those replaced lines are overwritten again.

I’m releasing a extension today or tomorrow that auto-fixes 4.26 on startup.

It’s done and I’m working on the readme now.

I’ve released my VSCode extension: UE4 Intellisense Fixes( for v4.26 currently): · GitHub

It’s beta so let me know if you find any bugs! Make sure to remove any previous fixes and reset your project before trying it.

Now supports 4.25 and 4.26. · GitHub

New 0.9.5 update was released on 1/23/2021.

Lots of improvements and bug fixes!

Readme isn’t update yet but will be soon.…54cac68672f305

v1.0.0 Here’s the stuff it fixes:


Fixes invalid paths in compile command’s response file.

Adds missing source/headers to compile command’s file.

Fixes UE4 workspace’s Tag Parser includes to increase performance.

Fix for wrong cppStandard and to not pollute global user setting.

Optional fix: Removes project specific references from UE4 workspace and add general Intellisense to UE4 source code.


Fixes no defines.

Fix for wrong cppStandard and to not pollute global user setting.

Fixes UE4 workspace’s Tag Parser includes to increase performance.

This is almost a total rewrite using classes so any updates should be quicker.