Unreal Engine 4.26 released!

Not at all. I’ve sent a bug report yesterday. The problem probably lies somewhere deep inside the D3D11RHI.

So when I validate any project i get this error:
this bp is corrupted even if i reinstall 4.26

might want to look into this asap. @VictorLerp

IWBE_Blutility.uasset is corupt :confused:

[AssetLog] F:\UE4\UE_4.26\Engine\Content\Tutorial\InWorldBlueprintEditing\TutorialAssets\IWBE_Blutility.uasset: Default__IWBE_Blutility_C is not valid. See the MapCheck log messages for details.

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The 4.26.1 Hotfix is now live!

Fixed in 4.26.1
Fixed! UE-105241 Control Rig Asset: 4.26. Mannequin_ControlRig is pointing at an non-existing Preview SkeletalMesh
Fixed! UE-105020 Changing Variable name does not allow Default Value change
Fixed! UE-104939 Setup mode no longer works
Fixed! UE-104600 Mirroring does not work with Limits on
Fixed! UE-104599 Mirroring does not work on non-Transform controls
Fixed! UE-104388 Opening Level Sequences that have keys on no longer existing controls in Control Rig Crash
Fixed! UE-104348 Crash when Diff Selected on 2 Control Rigs
Fixed! UE-104047 Fixed name passed to NewObject in ControlRigComponent
Fixed! UE-103751 Crash in Control Rig Component when deleting SkeletalMeshComponent
Fixed! UE-103646 Creating Control Rig with a SkelMesh that has a shared Skeleton has incorrect initial transforms
Fixed! UE-103645 Refreshing Mesh while in Setup Mode causes Editor freeze with memory increasing
Fixed! UE-103397 If the ControlRig Class property is set only on the Instance of the scene, the mapping is not generated with “Add Mapped SkeletalMesh”
Fixed! UE-103396 The Default ControlRig Class property on ControlRigComponent is reset at editor restart.
Fixed! UE-103395 The Component Name that is set by “Add Mapped SkeletalMesh” is the Component Name (“SkeletalMeshComponent0”) but it should by the Field Name of that Component (“SkeletalMeshComponent”)
Fixed! UE-103394 The target SkelMesh Component cannot be found if it is not in the same Owner Actor than the ControlRig Component
Fixed! UE-103020 Control Rig Sphere Trace : Channel can be set, but is hardcoded to Visibility
Fixed! UE-102893 Moving Spaces in Setup Mode and then Resetting causes hard crash
Fixed! UE-99547 Sequencer: Control Rig: Order Of Controls Different Between Details And Sequencer
Fixed! UE-106872 MoviePipeline: ObjectId pass is very slow
Fixed! UE-106780 Control Rig: Sequencer: Editing Anim Sequence May create two rigs if Default Animating Rig is set
Fixed! UE-106278 Bake to Control Rig - Baked keys always start at frame 0, even if there is a custom start time
Fixed! UE-106266 MoviePipeline: High resolution feature produces corrupted images
Fixed! UE-106242 LOC-4.26 Editor String “Match Include Z Height” - Typo
Fixed! UE-106224 Crash when Sequencer spawn a Blueprint with ActorSequence
Fixed! UE-106189 Sequencer: Control Rig: Can’t select Control Rig Channels in Curve Editor
Fixed! UE-106183 MoviePipeline: PostProcessing doesn’t support 32-bit Output
Fixed! UE-106175 Anim Notifies and Curves are removed when saving Linked Animation Sequences through Sequencer
Fixed! UE-106125 Ensure playing a sequence that has an event trigger that calls SetPlaybackPosition
Fixed! UE-106115 Spawnable doesn’t get removed when the sequence editor is closed
Fixed! UE-106108 Control Rig Components animated in sequence not animating in PIE
Fixed! UE-106062 [CrashReport] FMovieSceneRootEvaluationTemplateInstance::FindInstance
Fixed! UE-106034 Parameters in Sequencer tracks are not in order and can’t be re-ordered
Fixed! UE-105472 Frame 0 start if closing sequencer window before take recorder starts
Fixed! UE-105447 Viewport Piloting with Sequencer and Control Rig keys
Fixed! UE-105428 Sequencer instances may become invalid during PostEvaluation phase resulting in a crash
Fixed! UE-105421 GitHub 7660 : fix the reduced key issue on curve animations
Fixed! UE-105265 Copy paste improvements for vectors/control rig
Fixed! UE-105019 GetBoundObjects is not returning spawned objects when the playback start is nonzero
Fixed! UE-104998 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-LevelSequenceEditor!FCinematicViewportLayoutEntity::FCinematicViewportLayoutEntity(FViewportConstructionArgs const &) [CinematicViewportLayoutEntity.h:19]
Fixed! UE-104737 MoviePipeline: High resolution feature crashes
Fixed! UE-104680 Camera viewport hotkeys shouldn’t affect Sequencer timeline when the viewport is focused
Fixed! UE-104679 Setting the camera cut track to Keep State doesn’t keep the camera after the Sequence ends
Fixed! UE-104610 Compiling Control Rig while having controls selected in sequencer breaks the controls
Fixed! UE-104608 Sequencer: Control Rig: Skel mesh actor snaps back on mouse release if key exists
Fixed! UE-104517 [CrashReport] FCurveEditorTreeItem::GetOrCreateCurves(FCurveEditor *) [CurveEditorTree.cpp:24]
Fixed! UE-104483 Actor Sequences don’t play on spawned actors in cooked games
Fixed! UE-104190 Sequencer lag with subscenes and shot tracks?
Fixed! UE-104137 Warning message is incorrect when rendering movie with alpha while alpha is disabled
Fixed! UE-104109 Additive control curves not evaluating correctly in Sequencer
Fixed! UE-104098 In certain circumstances a sequence could only play once and never again
Fixed! UE-104091 Attach tracks in a Master sequence bound to objects in a sub sequence do not work
Fixed! UE-103992 Crash trying to cast to a Take Preset
Fixed! UE-103827 Crash in UE::MovieScene::SetComponentTransformAndVelocity due to null SceneComponent
Fixed! UE-103750 Regression: External owned Spawnable object disappears when the sequencer movie is finished.
Fixed! UE-103741 Animation Mode Channels transform sliders not updating correctly
Fixed! UE-103579 It is possible for entities to be re-imported more than necessary
Fixed! UE-103567 Adding a track for a string property through sequence scripting causes the property track to be named “Strings”
Fixed! UE-103565 Presets aren’t working on FBX Import to Control Rig
Fixed! UE-103461 Crash in compiled data manager when an entry for a sequence doesn’t exist
Fixed! UE-103187 Ensure when closing PIE during Level Sequence playback with spawnables in a streamed level
Fixed! UE-103172 Selection not synced when filter is set to “Selected Control Rig Controls”
Fixed! UE-101161 Deleting Control Rig Track in Sequencer keeps Animation Mode window with Controls
Fixed! UE-96984 Undoing bake to control rig leave unselectable control rig in viewport
Fixed! UE-92917 Setting controlled shake section duration to 0 or less should show a warning
Fixed! UE-104583 Widgets with Delay nodes do not execute correctly when the game is paused if there are no animations playing
Fixed! UE-104978 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-CoreUObject!TArray<TDelegateBase<FDefaultDelegateUserPolicy>,TSizedHeapAllocator<32> >::RemoveAtSwapImpl(int,int,bool) [Array.h:1644]
Fixed! UE-104834 Audio: Concurrency: Pink Noise is heard after higher pitched tone begins to play
Fixed! UE-104738 Quartz crash when a new clock is created in a Quartz BP delegate
Fixed! UE-104251 Adding a multiband compressor effect with the default settings to a submix crashes the editor
Fixed! UE-104240 Send to Master Reverb Submix toggle on Sound Classes doesn’t function correctly
Fixed! UE-103770 When Oculus Audio set as Spatial Audio Plugin, Editor Crashes When Playing Binaural AmbientSound in Viewport
Fixed! UE-103195 CLONE - [Audio] Activating Reverb in Blueprints Doesn’t Work
Fixed! UE-102139 AudioQA StopFarthestThenOldest Rule Saw Tone doesn’t cease playing
Fixed! UE-106425 Use of Gauntlet for running editor automation tests lacks a simple example for developers and licensees
Fixed! UE-106387 Automation reports do not update and are deleted on a second run
Fixed! UE-106386 Automation tests that encounter new screenshots generate errors and an invalid report
Fixed! UE-106383 If multiple maps are specified for PIE in AutomationTestSettings only the first map is tested
Fixed! UE-106381 Devices provided to Gauntlet from the device service may be in use
Fixed! UE-103931 Setting bTreatLogErrorsAsTestErrors to False prevents FunctionalTests from failing
Fixed! UE-106430 Array properties marked as ‘Instanced’ are not updated correctly in blueprint instances
Fixed! UE-104083 Cooking -nevercookdir and nevercookdirectories ignored, directories still cooked
Fixed! UE-104009 Crash when launch Standalone game with -trace=object
Fixed! UE-103938 Apply BD2 non EDL fix to 4.26.1 when it is opened
Fixed! UE-103730 RelativeToGameDir metadata on FFilePath only works for files under content
Fixed! UE-105077 DirectoriesToAlwaysCook/DirectoriesToNeverCook not working for plugin content roots missing a terminating /
Fixed! UE-104195 CLONE(4.26.1) - Cooking -nevercookdir and nevercookdirectories ignored, directories still cooked
Fixed! UE-100265 Lumin fails to package QAGameClient on Cook stage due to fatal error (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION) in GetTextureBuildSettings
Fixed! UE-105387 Extra quote are added to the CRC Analytic AppID in installed build
Fixed! UE-102630 macOS Big Sur - CrashReporter window sometimes does not launch on consecutive crashes
Fixed! UE-104270 Unreal Insights crashes when encountering a GPU event that does not have an event spec
Fixed! UE-106480 Possible crash in TickDestroyGameThreadObjects with gc.MultithreadedDestructionEnabled=True on Android
Fixed! UE-96954 Newly added C++ classes are not available after a hot-reload
Fixed! UE-104995 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-DerivedDataCache!BuildPathForCacheKey(wchar_t const *) [FileSystemDerivedDataBackend.cpp:38]
Fixed! UE-104859 GitHub 7633 : pop back to the original directory after pushing.
Fixed! UE-103879 Missing FBX files from binary(Launcher) distribution in Engine/Content/FbxEditorAutomation
Fixed! UE-103263 RunUAT OpenEditor command doesn’t work as intended on Windows
Fixed! UE-103103 GitHub 7521 : Fix lookup for uproject model support in Rider
Fixed! UE-102955 Launching Win32 project results in UE Prerequisites installation endless loop
Fixed! UE-101937 GitHub 7449 : Add support for MacOS and Uproject based project model
Fixed! UE-94407 GitHub 7065 : Fixed a problem with multi-byte string conversion failure in Visual Studio 2019 in Japanese environment.
Fixed! UE-105081 Crash occurs when compiling in Editor after editing a C++ file
Fixed! UE-102707 Crash after creating a suboject for RootComponent if the actor is placed on the level
Fixed! UE-103854 Live++ integration - 4.25.4 Compilation Issue
Fixed! UE-103451 CLONE 4.26.1 - Live Coding Compile doesn’t apply changes when Launching On Device / Blueprint Project
Fixed! UE-90773 Live Coding Fails to Compile Launch on Game In a Certain State
Fixed! UE-77431 File > Recent Projects > Project from a Live Coding Quick Restarted Editor kills the opening project before it loads or orphans the Live Coding Console
Fixed! UE-105027 WaitMutex behaves poorly when there are casing differences in the same path
Fixed! UE-104673 UnrealBuildTool does not include the version of toolchain items as a dependency
Fixed! UE-102825 Compiling with VS2019 16.6 later causes garbled characters in output window
Fixed! UE-104439 Collaborative Viewer - Reset transform malfunction
Fixed! UE-102746 Packaging blank blueprint project results in black screen on target platform
Fixed! UE-104618 FSeamlessTravelHandler::Tick can crash under unusual circumstances
Fixed! UE-104587 Can not find abstract class in actor class dropdown list in GetAllActorsOfClass node
Fixed! UE-104507 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Kismet!SSCS_RowWidget::GetNativeComponentNameToolTipText() [SSCSEditor.cpp:2120]
Fixed! UE-104327 Converting a function with local variables to an event crashes editor
Fixed! UE-103658 BP compiler crash
Fixed! UE-103656 GitHub 7545 : Fix for build process crash during placeholders iteration
Fixed! UE-104396 Soft Object Reference Pins can’t be reset to None
Fixed! UE-104126 Crashed when selecting a class for a property in BP
Fixed! UE-105000 Selecting multiple actors with differing DataTableHandles causes data loss
Fixed! UE-101185 Media Player fails to validate media source when launching QAGame TM-ShaderModels level on Win64
Fixed! UE-105059 Duplicate level collections not being respected by UGameEngine::NetworkRemapPath
Fixed! UE-104833 GitHub 7625 : FUpdateLevelVisibilityLevelInfo NetSerialize may be mismatch
Fixed! UE-102758 Child Actor component doesn’t properly destroyed on clients.
Fixed! UE-102984 QA-MultipleMaterialLayer: Examples Are Blurry From Afar But Become Clear When Up Close

**Fixed!** UE-102882 Crash when hosting a ShooterGame Quick Match - Assertion failed: QueueType == ED3D12CommandQueueType::Default && !GetShouldTrackCmdListTime()

Fixed! UE-89452 Crash on launching when installed AOC package created via chunk
Fixed! UE-97321 Inconsistencies in rendering between eyes and graphical corruption on PSVR
Fixed! UE-105058 Resizing UE4Editor causes VK ERROR DEVICE LOST
Fixed! UE-104591 GitHub 7608 : incorrectly tries to use Mac Env
Fixed! UE-103463 Android fails to get EXTERNAL_STORAGE from generated bat scripts on Linux
Fixed! UE-104910 GitHub 7641 : Fix issue of CreateProcess on Mac
Fixed! UE-103126 Mac deployment for iOS project causes Crash [FMacPlatformProcess::CreateProc: posix_spawn() failed]
Fixed! UE-102221 Assets in Source Control cannot run Diff against Depot with p4merge diff tool
Fixed! UE-100517 Mac - Xcode fails to build C++ project with a Shell Script Invocation Error
Fixed! UE-99914 UE4 Detecting Wrong Gamepad Key Inputs
Fixed! UE-95582 AppleSilicon: Ability to build for different architectures via UBT / Xcode is not supported
Fixed! UE-106281 Android Visual Studio extension (AGDE) missing required project file support
Fixed! UE-105474 Crash after using mobile custom depth
Fixed! UE-105214 Crashed on IOS/Mac device if enable GTAO
Fixed! UE-105140 .so libraries are no longer packed inside apk
Fixed! UE-104402 Crash when launching QA-Promotion on Android from the editor
Fixed! UE-103873 Vulkan Mobile SM5 not building without Vulkan Mobile Renderer enabled
Fixed! UE-103752 Runtime Virtual Texture etc2 compression for normals
Fixed! UE-103596 Mobile shadows disappear for stationary lights with Inset Shadows = true and Modulated Shadows = false
Fixed! UE-103279 Windows iTunes 12.6.X standalone installer incompatibility
Fixed! UE-103181 Mac Binary C++ project files cannot be cleaned
Fixed! UE-106353 GitHub 7671 : D3D11 index buffer debug name
Fixed! UE-106101 Paper sprite and Mesh Lod Coloration results in engine crash
Fixed! UE-105075 Possible crash in UTexture::UpdateResource()
Fixed! UE-104627 Crash when enabling HZB occlusion culling
Fixed! UE-104509 [CrashReport] FRuntimeVirtualTextureComponentDetailsCustomization::BuildStreamedMips
Fixed! UE-104496 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-SceneOutliner!SceneOutliner::SSceneOutliner::OnKeyDown(FGeometry const &,FKeyEvent const &) [SSceneOutliner.cpp:3977]
Fixed! UE-104075 Groom binding create incorrect binding data
Fixed! UE-104074 Hair emissive rendering does not work when several groom are on screen
Fixed! UE-104046 Editor crash after re-importing already imported groom asset
Fixed! UE-103906 Crash when plugging Depth Fade to Base Color and using Required Texture Resolution mode
Fixed! UE-103890 Attempting to sync to a Changelist for FortGPUTestbed in UGS fails and creates an error using FortGPUTestbedGameMode.cpp
Fixed! UE-103509 Crash when clicking on Create Follicles Texture
Fixed! UE-103410 Incorrect names listed in property matrix of the groom editor
Fixed! UE-94916 Hair Does Not Cast Shadow In Proper Location
Fixed! UE-105201 Cascade particle system crash when changing levels in a cooked game
Fixed! UE-103902 Crash sampling a Skeletal Mesh Actor with a MinLOD out of bounds of available LODs
Fixed! UE-104454 Random crash when opening ThirdPersonCharacter editor
Fixed! UE-104432 Crash when binding some Grooms and clicking “Compile” in the ThirdPersonCharacter editor
Fixed! UE-104184 Harsh edges in the cloud scape of the new cloud actor in 4.26

**Fixed!** UE-104182 [CrashReport] RayGenShaderIndex != INDEX_NONE [File:D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/D3D12RHI/Private/D3D12RayTracing.cpp] [Line: 4027]

Fixed! UE-104181 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!FPrecomputedVolumetricLightmapData::ReleaseRHI() [PrecomputedVolumetricLightmap.cpp:303]
Fixed! UE-103941 Crash when dragging some Grooms to the “Groom Asset” field
Fixed! UE-103940 Crash when changing some Grooms in the “Groom Asset” field
Fixed! UE-103844 Crash when switching to another Groom Asset Editor tab after adding new “Minimum LOD”
Fixed! UE-95922 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!FShaderCompilingManager::ProcessCompiledShaderMaps(TMap<int,FShaderMapFinalizeResults,FDefaultSetAllocator,TDefaultMapHashableKeyFuncs<int,FShaderMapFinalizeResults,0> > &,float) [ShaderCompiler.cpp:2316]
Fixed! UE-106109 Setting Texture Object within Niagara fails to update texture
Fixed! UE-105400 Enabling Frustrum Culling on a Mesh Renderer removes their cast shadows
Fixed! UE-105261 Component pool shipping build crash
Fixed! UE-105163 Crash in UNiagaraComponent::PostLoad when running with -stompmalloc
Fixed! UE-104235 Niagara systems set as a Niagara System Component’s System Asset are missing from packaged CPP project
Fixed! UE-104139 Crash with the RDG Builder in the niagara hair velocity
Fixed! UE-103836 Particle Data Exports only work in the final simulation stage
Fixed! UE-102199 Toggling static switch caused a crash related to timeline keys and burst
Fixed! UE-100502 Selecting an item from the CVar Conditions filtered menu with mouse click closes the menu without setting the array element
Fixed! UE-100499 Ensure when adding duplicate CVar conditions to Scalability and Scalability Overrides
Fixed! UE-97456 Crash when resetting an input to the duplicate parent emitter’s value
Fixed! UE-97114 Emitter level dependencies are incorrectly satisfied and break emitter
Fixed! UE-96739 Uniform Static Mesh Sampling doesn’t work on GPU Niagara Emitters
Fixed! UE-95737 A green arrow to reset input in the Niagara selection panel - doesn’t work
Fixed! UE-104970 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-ContentBrowserAssetDataSource!ContentBrowserAssetData::MoveAssetFolderItems(TArrayView<TSharedRef<FContentBrowserAssetFolderItemDataPayload const ,0> const ,int>,FName) [ContentBrowserAssetDataCore.cpp:907]
Fixed! UE-104356 Skinned mesh corruption in ray tracing effects
Fixed! UE-103748 GPU Lightmass: some maps have uninitialized data in bake-what-you-see mode
Fixed! UE-91271 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!FInstancedStaticMeshSceneProxy::GetDynamicRayTracingInstances(FRayTracingMaterialGatheringContext &,TArray<FRayTracingInstance,TSizedDefaultAllocator<32> > &) [InstancedStaticMesh.cpp:1200]
Fixed! UE-106385 RHICopyTexture fails to copy from R16G16 to BC1
Fixed! UE-106088 Vulkan RHI when execute the node “Create Render Target 2D” when enabling the option “AutoGenerate Mip Maps”
Fixed! UE-105264 GitHub 7658 : Fix D3D12 swapchain image leak
Fixed! UE-104758 Vulkan Eviction & Defrag does not work on nvidia hardware
Fixed! UE-104518 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-StatsViewer!static class FName ShaderPlatformToShaderFormatName(EShaderPlatform) [RHIShaderFormatDefinitions.inl:127]
Fixed! UE-104484 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-D3D12RHI!FD3D12CommandListFence::GetCurrentFence() [D3D12DirectCommandListManager.h:165]
Fixed! UE-104264 Crash on shutdown in D3DX12Residency::Internal::ScopedLock
Fixed! UE-104008 Texture2DArrayResource .cpp has a space in the file name.
Fixed! UE-82937 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-D3D11RHI!VerifyD3D11Result(long,char const *,char const *,unsigned int,ID3D11Device *) [D3D11Util.cpp:249]
Fixed! UE-104936 Skylight not working properly with mGPU + nDisplay on viewfamilies not in GPU 0.
Fixed! UE-104880 GitHub 7637 : Fixed: PhysX broadphase settings are not working in 4.26
Fixed! UE-106192 StaticMeshEditor - “Generate UV” tool no longer works
Fixed! UE-106083 [CrashReport] UUnrealEdEngine::CanSelectActor(AActor *,bool,bool,bool) [EditorSelectUtils.cpp:480]
Fixed! UE-105275 Reported assert when adding spline point to a segment
Fixed! UE-105211 MaterialFunction files not deleting
Fixed! UE-105017 Subobject components do not have undo functionality within the level
Fixed! UE-104984 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-UnrealEd!UEditorEngine::Tick(float,bool) [EditorEngine.cpp:1322]
Fixed! UE-104977 [CrashReport] UUnrealEdEngine::AttemptModifiedPackageNotification
Fixed! UE-104972 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-D3D11RHI!FD3D11DynamicRHI::RHISetShaderTexture(FRHIComputeShader *,unsigned int,FRHITexture *) [D3D11Commands.cpp:437]
Fixed! UE-104959 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Core!ReportCrash(_EXCEPTION_POINTERS *) [WindowsPlatformCrashContext.cpp:1574]
Fixed! UE-104663 Static array UI naming no longer works properly
Fixed! UE-104491 [CrashReport] UEditorEngine::GetTransactionName() [EditorServer.cpp:1420]
Fixed! UE-104395 Play Standalone doesn’t respect Viewport Size options
Fixed! UE-103581 Transient actor can not be deleted from level
Fixed! UE-92943 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-UnrealEd!UEditorEngine::Map_Load(wchar_t const *,FOutputDevice &) [EditorServer.cpp:2606]
Fixed! UE-106064 [CrashReport] SAssetView::AssetVerifyRenameCommit(TSharedPtr<FAssetViewItem,0> const &,FText const &,FSlateRect const &,FText &) [SAssetView.cpp:3495]

**Fixed!** UE-105009 [CrashReport] Assertion failed: false [File:D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/Core/Private/UObject/UnrealNames.cpp] [Line: 1829]

Fixed! UE-104685 Dynamic Collection are not filtering properly after being reloaded
Fixed! UE-104246 Navisworks Exporter Fails to Execute on some systems
Fixed! UE-104237 Revit Direct Link - Missing material slot data in mesh
Fixed! UE-104204 DirectLink - Duplicated materials elements
Fixed! UE-103392 Revit plugin crash with direct link when swapping family types
Fixed! UE-103105 Revit Plugin Direct Link - Static Mesh changes
Fixed! UE-102785 Revit Plugin Datasmith Direct Link - Multiple actors with the same name
Fixed! UE-102734 DirectLink - Duplicated textures elements
Fixed! UE-102361 Typo in Navisworks Ribbon
Fixed! UE-102295 DirectLink Revit - Non unique name for component childs actors
Fixed! UE-102041 DirectLink - Revit Add-on - An additional camera (bloat) for each sync
Fixed! UE-106213 CAD Import: Wrong scene graph after importing same file with different options
Fixed! UE-106145 Datasmith import crash on MacOS with provided file
Fixed! UE-104594 Variant Manager causing crashes in packaged project with EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
Fixed! UE-104585 Datasmith re-tessellation crashing when a static mesh asset is manually moved from one project to another
Fixed! UE-104557 DatasmithRuntimeDemo crash in packaged shipping application at startup
Fixed! UE-104330 DatasmithRhinoExporter - Plugin installer is detecting Rhino7 as Rhino6
Fixed! UE-103903 Datasmith runtime importer crash in packaged shipping application
Fixed! UE-103683 Datasmith API: an ensure is raised while importing a IDatasmithLandscapeElement
Fixed! UE-103644 Material slot issue on importing CATPart and retessellate
Fixed! UE-103371 A transformation which apply a symmetry on Y axis is translated by Datasmith by a rotation around Z axis
Fixed! UE-103367 PLMXML from Deltagen: Matrix convention different from Deltagen to Unreal
Fixed! UE-102951 Datasmith runtime importer stuck on mesh loading
Fixed! UE-102950 Crash when loading 8k images with the Datasmith Runtime plugin
Fixed! UE-102385 Datasmith Runtime Crash when modifying scene
Fixed! UE-102155 (Demo Project)Revit Direct Link sources lost when opening a new source
Fixed! UE-104100 Advanced Copy creates non-compiling BPs when one copied asset calls a BP function on another copied asset
Fixed! UE-103856 Crash when doing Advanced Copy on an actor and a component
Fixed! UE-104622 HLOD packages are not saved properly when the bSaveLODActorsToPackages option isn’t set
Fixed! UE-106198 USD Skel mesh exports wrong skinning info
Fixed! UE-106117 Callstack dump when using ImportAssetsAutomated
Fixed! UE-106067 [CrashReport]UE4Editor-MeshUtilities!FixupMaterialSlotNames_Implementation(TArray<FStaticMaterial,TSizedDefaultAllocator<32> > &) [MeshUtilities.cpp:3038]
Fixed! UE-104983 [CrashReport] UPackageTools::UnloadPackages
Fixed! UE-104718 Imported UDIM asset names are not properly sanitized
Fixed! UE-104271 Lidar: Collision needs to be manually removed before rebuilding for the effects to be applied
Fixed! UE-104268 Lidar: TargetFPS is ignored in packaged projects
Fixed! UE-104116 Random Crashes in FLidarPointCloudLODManager::PrepareProxies()
Fixed! UE-103904 Error when exporting OBJ unattended
Fixed! UE-103791 Using Do Not Create Material in FBX import settings seems to result in only one Material Slot
Fixed! UE-103769 USD Camera anim doesn’t show in sequencer
Fixed! UE-103640 AxF car paint color not matching AxF Viewer
Fixed! UE-103489 USD file path should be convert to relative path when possible.
Fixed! UE-103201 USD - Orphaned components after moving them in PIE
Fixed! UE-106476 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-UnrealEd!FEditorFileUtils::SaveDirtyPackages(bool,bool,bool,bool,bool,bool,bool *) [FileHelpers.cpp:3483]
Fixed! UE-105002 [CrashReport]UE4Editor-Engine!UStreamableRenderAsset::UnlinkStreaming() [StreamableRenderAsset.cpp:218]
Fixed! UE-104504 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-MetalRHI!FMetalVertexBuffer::FMetalVertexBuffer(unsigned int, unsigned int) [MetalVertexBuffer.cpp:88]
Fixed! UE-104493 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Landscape!FLandscapeLayersCopyTexture_RenderThread::Copy(FRHICommandListImmediate &) [LandscapeEditLayers.cpp:1082]
Fixed! UE-104170 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!UStreamableRenderAsset::UnlinkStreaming() [StreamableRenderAsset.cpp:218]
Fixed! UE-69483 Unhandled Exception attempting to paint on a Landscape with a weight-blended layer that was recently deleted and recreated
Fixed! UE-106786 Sculpt tools target plane cannot be placed on objects in the scene
Fixed! UE-106368 Materials used in some Modeling Tools can be Garbage Collected while still in use
Fixed! UE-105267 Invert operation in Mesh Selection Tool can hang editor for many seconds/minutes
Fixed! UE-104691 Re-tessellation: Skip Deleted surfaces option make tessellation ineffective
Fixed! UE-104384 Crash using VoxBlend Tool when scrubbing through ‘Offset Solidify Surface’ values
Fixed! UE-104125 Ensure is hit on first stroke in DynaSculpt Tool on some meshes
Fixed! UE-104124 Crash in PolyEdit Weld Edges Operation
Fixed! UE-104123 Cannot reposition workplane with hotkeys in PolyCut Tool
Fixed! UE-104122 Mesh To Collision tool does not render preview for Convex Hulls
Fixed! UE-104121 Weld Mesh Edges Tool frequently fails
Fixed! UE-102601 Cook errors with Python developer mode enabled (deprecated imp module)
Fixed! UE-106494 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-SlateCore!SImage::OnPaint(FPaintArgs const &,FGeometry const &,FSlateRect const &,FSlateWindowElementList &,int,FWidgetStyle const &,bool) [SImage.cpp:27]

**Fixed!** UE-104991 [CrashReport] SlateRHIRenderer!FSlateRHIRenderingPolicy::DrawElements

Fixed! UE-104825 GitHub 7620 : Fixed editor and run-time crash caused by a dangling pointer when using IStereoLayers with any VR system
Fixed! UE-103403 Hittestgrid get remove and readded in GlobalInvalidation
Fixed! UE-106499 [CrashReport]UE4Editor-PropertyAccessEditor!TBaseSPMethodDelegateInstance<1,SPropertyBinding const ,0,EVisibility ,FDefaultDelegateUserPolicy>::Execute() [DelegateInstancesImpl.h:290]
Fixed! UE-105244 User can not move objects around in the Widget Designer
Fixed! UE-105164 Items in Canvas Panel of Widget Blueprint can not be moved by Clicking and Dragging
Fixed! UE-104468 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-UMGEditor!FWidgetBlueprintEditorUtils::PasteWidgetsInternal(TSharedRef<FWidgetBlueprintEditor,0>,UWidgetBlueprint *,FString const &,FWidgetReference,FName,FVector2D,bool,bool &) [WidgetBlueprintEditorUtils.cpp:1331]
Fixed! UE-103868 Ensure condition failed: Play an animation in the finished animation event called from UUserWidget::StopAllAnimation
Fixed! UE-102705 Crash when drag and drop a UI element from HorizontalBox to another widget blueprint
Fixed! UE-105031 log spam when reading image sequences
Fixed! UE-104952 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-UdpMessaging!FUdpMessagingModule::HandleTransportError() [UdpMessagingModule.cpp:620]
Fixed! UE-104485 Stage Monitor - Crash when building DDC build on Linux
Fixed! UE-97171 Blackmagic doesn’t work with sdk 11.6
Fixed! UE-103393 Pixel Inspector Final Color shows black for OCIO viewports
Fixed! UE-104569 DMX Pixel Mapping - Cannot output 16bit RGB values to patched fixtures
Fixed! UE-103283 Crash - 2 DMX libraries in Take Recorder without subscenes
Fixed! UE-103282 DMX + Take Recorder only works with 1 library at a time.
Fixed! UE-102971 DMX - Fully enable runtime switching of fixture patch
Fixed! UE-102662 Add sequence number for the sending package (ArtNet and SACN)
Fixed! UE-102527 DMX - UDMXEntityFixturePatch::ConvertAttributeMapToRawMap returns MSB value when the attribute is of LSB type
Fixed! UE-104050 Maya and Mobu LiveLink 2020 aren’t built from horde job
Fixed! UE-103285 4.26 LiveLink MarketPlace Validation - error when loading Maya mll into Plug-in Manager
Fixed! UE-106205 VRPN tracking broken in 4.26.0
Fixed! UE-106204 Merge missing nDisplay UnrealInsights timers into release stream
Fixed! UE-102964 GitHub 7501 : Fixed axis remapping when parsing nDisplay text config files
Fixed! UE-106419 Remote Control Preset - Renaming a function in the preset makes it impossible to call the function
Fixed! UE-106417 Remote Control API - Preset editor is missing button to disable “Use less CPU in background option”
Fixed! UE-106415 Remote Control API - Notifications should not be sent back to websocket client that originated the change
Fixed! UE-106057 Invalid test condition in MediaOutput
Fixed! UE-106059 ExecCmds not working for nDisplay devices in Switchboard
Fixed! UE-103687 4.26 - Fortnite Apollo_GPUPerfTest level crashes on load
Fixed! UE-103623 Assert when selecting multiple spline points with one of the water spline point visualizer gizmo selected
Fixed! UE-103510 Water Screenshot Tests fail on Mac
Fixed! UE-103124 Re-enable Water EngineTests
Fixed! UE-101351 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!UActorComponent::PreEditChange(FProperty *) [ActorComponent.cpp:752]
Fixed! UE-103989 Transient Actors inconsistently dirty the level on spawn, edit, and destroy
Fixed! UE-105471 GitHub 7662 : Add warning to avoid unexpected LateUpdateManager results
Fixed! UE-105424 OpenXR call failed with result XR_ERROR_HANDLE_INVALID on OpenXR projects for Quest 1 and 2
Fixed! UE-104822 Visible area mesh has an incorrect shape
Fixed! UE-104674 APK/OBB mismatch when GameDefaultMap changes
Fixed! UE-104527 Separate translucency doesn’t render to right eye with MSAA enabled
Fixed! UE-104227 GitHub 7579 : WMR Hand Mesh fix
Fixed! UE-103923 Disable multiview for mobile VR preview
Fixed! UE-103576 Failed to find shader type FLensDistortionUVGenerationVS in Platform PCD3D_ES31 when running BP_ConformanceDistortTest_00 in ComposurePostMoves map in EngineTest project
Fixed! UE-103493 Missing transition in debug canvas.
Fixed! UE-103387 Oculus Quest: Vulkan ensure occurs when running a project on Quest
Fixed! UE-103228 GitHub 7530 : Hololens BP-only project package fix
Fixed! UE-103058 Quest 2: 2D scene capture causes app to crash if lighting is not rebuilt
Fixed! UE-102176 GitHub 7461 : Update HandMesh visualization
Fixed! UE-101972 GitHub 7453 : Handle Index Grip Click/Touch and Trackpad Clicks
Fixed! UE-106792 Editor will crash on attempt to load a previously-saved Blueprint asset with a serialized default subobject containing a serialized static array of two or more nested subobject instances.
Fixed! UE-104133 Hair guide influence and cluster view don’t work

REMEMBER: Please report any new bugs you find by following the How To Report a Bug Guide

At last! Thanks Epic! Now we look forward fixes for 3 pages of VR issues schedules for 4.27 :o

I have reported a bug when 4.26 came out. I have not received any follow-up, nor is the bug fixed in the hotfix.

How can I find out what’s going on with my bug report?

Case # 00272712: Rich Text Block displays garbabe when it’s a child of a Retainer Box

RT shadows with transmission on subsurface profile materials is still broken!

EDIT: It’s the shadow denoiser that’s causing the issue.


No camera lens grain on mobile renderer.
Has anyone else noticed this problem?

If it’s not fixed then no. Please report using official bug report form.

If anyone else is wondering about this - I emailed Epic and they wrote back. They’re saying they’re swamped, so bugs that aren’t high priority are in a limbo right now.

Nice to know…

I guess this is why VR hasn’t been fixed and has progressively worsened with each new update… It’s too bad, as the reason I started using Unreal was for the ease of VR development, but it’s getting harder and harder to jump around all the VR issues as of late and Epic not doing anything about it.

With VR gaining in popularity…and Steam’s HMD use almost doubling lately, Unreal needs to pick up the pace…or their going to be left behind, playing catchup as the competition gains. I literally spent 2 full days trying the get my Reverb G2 controllers to be recognized by either UE4.25.4 & UE4.26 in my project and finally gave up. UE4.26 is suppose to have a native plugin to use with SteamVR or OpenXR for the G2 but I couldn’t even get that working in SteamVR. The funny thing is though…my Oculus Rift S ‘just works’ with no effort. WMR on the other hand is like pulling teeth!!! This shouldn’t be happening in 2021…sorry for the rant…but I’m not the only one…

Anyone already posted the bug that keyword searching in Material or Blueprint is messed up?
Like“WorldPosition” gives you “Wind”, “Lerp” gives you ‘Lerp_3Color" instead of "LinearInterpolate” which is way more often used than “Lerp_3Color”,

I guess many people have noticed that since 4.26 updated. I hoped 4.26.1 had it fixed but it didn’t .

OK good, we’re not the only team thinking this. Quickly approaching our release date, and each time the engine upgrades we have to chase an ever-growing list of @#$% to go try and figure out.

**Question: ** Erm, how does one revert back to 4.26.0? We have a persistent level that crashes the editor now while trying to compile shaders … Log just ends with LogShaderCompilers: Display: Worker (4/61): shaders left to compile 1 … All sub-levels can be opened fine, but the master holding mostly audio and nav stuff CTDs the editor. I’m afraid if we uninstall 4.26 that only 4.26.1 with this issue will be the only install option available.

You have to dowload the source code and compile yourself.

That’s why you don’t update engines, especially close to release.

Is it just me or does the new roadmap site contain less detail on upcoming features than the old one that used to be on Trello?

Also why not take a break for a year and just focus on bug fixes instead of new features. Most of these new features are still playing catchup with current hardware and are not fully used in game production anyway in its full form (RT being one example), it’ll take many years until its standardadized on some major platforms. We still have bugs and extreme performance issues and other areas completely not production ready.

ex. No one is going to be using full on strand hair in a game production anytime soon, no one is going to put RT in a game production as the default and remove cascade shadows, save for a tickbox add on and at best for a few reflections here and there. This tech is still in its infancy. I have yet to see them used in a justifiable scale other than some hobbyist experiments here and there or maybe by a beast rig at ILM as a sideshow for their prouction pipeline. I mean it is great to have this tech but is it worth overshadowing other important issues for it and have the team suffer in the process? I don’t wish to nag about it but if the bugs are swamping the team at Epic as some are suggesting then maybe its time to just slow down a little?

Forgive me, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t just my problem

i noticed in the sunsky for 4.26 the sunset and sunrise time variables have been removed? is there another way to access these that i’ve overlooked?

Don’t take it personally. File a bug report, then ask around if anyone else knows a workaround or has advice on how to handle it. As you might have already experienced, you might get lucky and in the course of prepping for the bug report you find a workaround or an error on your part.

Found my problem… Had (4) Niagara systems on the map → System Life Cycle module is deprecated and requires a new SystemState module. In 4.26.1 having these on a map CTDs the editor (where in 4.26.0 they are just broken) while attempting to cache shaders during map load. Rebuilt 4.26.0 from github to find the problem … but if anybody else’s maps are crashing then check your Niagara systems first as a potential problem area.

Usually it’s better to report and let Epic worry about it. A lot of people don’t use everything in UE4 and it might appear that it’s not an issue (cuz no one else used that feature and this no one else experienced the same issue), but it very well could be.