Unreal Engine 4.26 released!

No camera lens grain on mobile renderer.
Has anyone else noticed this problem?

If it’s not fixed then no. Please report using official bug report form.

If anyone else is wondering about this - I emailed Epic and they wrote back. They’re saying they’re swamped, so bugs that aren’t high priority are in a limbo right now.

Nice to know…

I guess this is why VR hasn’t been fixed and has progressively worsened with each new update… It’s too bad, as the reason I started using Unreal was for the ease of VR development, but it’s getting harder and harder to jump around all the VR issues as of late and Epic not doing anything about it.

With VR gaining in popularity…and Steam’s HMD use almost doubling lately, Unreal needs to pick up the pace…or their going to be left behind, playing catchup as the competition gains. I literally spent 2 full days trying the get my Reverb G2 controllers to be recognized by either UE4.25.4 & UE4.26 in my project and finally gave up. UE4.26 is suppose to have a native plugin to use with SteamVR or OpenXR for the G2 but I couldn’t even get that working in SteamVR. The funny thing is though…my Oculus Rift S ‘just works’ with no effort. WMR on the other hand is like pulling teeth!!! This shouldn’t be happening in 2021…sorry for the rant…but I’m not the only one…

Anyone already posted the bug that keyword searching in Material or Blueprint is messed up?
Like“WorldPosition” gives you “Wind”, “Lerp” gives you ‘Lerp_3Color" instead of "LinearInterpolate” which is way more often used than “Lerp_3Color”,

I guess many people have noticed that since 4.26 updated. I hoped 4.26.1 had it fixed but it didn’t .

OK good, we’re not the only team thinking this. Quickly approaching our release date, and each time the engine upgrades we have to chase an ever-growing list of @#$% to go try and figure out.

**Question: ** Erm, how does one revert back to 4.26.0? We have a persistent level that crashes the editor now while trying to compile shaders … Log just ends with LogShaderCompilers: Display: Worker (4/61): shaders left to compile 1 … All sub-levels can be opened fine, but the master holding mostly audio and nav stuff CTDs the editor. I’m afraid if we uninstall 4.26 that only 4.26.1 with this issue will be the only install option available.

You have to dowload the source code and compile yourself.

That’s why you don’t update engines, especially close to release.

Is it just me or does the new roadmap site contain less detail on upcoming features than the old one that used to be on Trello?

Also why not take a break for a year and just focus on bug fixes instead of new features. Most of these new features are still playing catchup with current hardware and are not fully used in game production anyway in its full form (RT being one example), it’ll take many years until its standardadized on some major platforms. We still have bugs and extreme performance issues and other areas completely not production ready.

ex. No one is going to be using full on strand hair in a game production anytime soon, no one is going to put RT in a game production as the default and remove cascade shadows, save for a tickbox add on and at best for a few reflections here and there. This tech is still in its infancy. I have yet to see them used in a justifiable scale other than some hobbyist experiments here and there or maybe by a beast rig at ILM as a sideshow for their prouction pipeline. I mean it is great to have this tech but is it worth overshadowing other important issues for it and have the team suffer in the process? I don’t wish to nag about it but if the bugs are swamping the team at Epic as some are suggesting then maybe its time to just slow down a little?

Forgive me, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t just my problem

i noticed in the sunsky for 4.26 the sunset and sunrise time variables have been removed? is there another way to access these that i’ve overlooked?

Don’t take it personally. File a bug report, then ask around if anyone else knows a workaround or has advice on how to handle it. As you might have already experienced, you might get lucky and in the course of prepping for the bug report you find a workaround or an error on your part.

Found my problem… Had (4) Niagara systems on the map → System Life Cycle module is deprecated and requires a new SystemState module. In 4.26.1 having these on a map CTDs the editor (where in 4.26.0 they are just broken) while attempting to cache shaders during map load. Rebuilt 4.26.0 from github to find the problem … but if anybody else’s maps are crashing then check your Niagara systems first as a potential problem area.

Usually it’s better to report and let Epic worry about it. A lot of people don’t use everything in UE4 and it might appear that it’s not an issue (cuz no one else used that feature and this no one else experienced the same issue), but it very well could be.

Just wanted to add that 4.26.1 finally fixes a really old issue on macOS with a bluetooth Xbox controller being connected :smiley:

Devs - you did not fix the Clip Length thing with the Grooms.
If slider can only go from 0-1, then 1 should NOT be an absolute value of 1cm/1 inch etc… 1 should act as 100% if slider can only go to “1”…
or let the slider go to that grooms max length #.

Like, if I bring in a groom that is max length 55, and clip length slider goes from 0-1, it is a useless slider.


  • Imagine making every light’s slider in UE4 only able to go from 0-1 candela, to where if you wanted 5, you had to type in “5” with your keyboard, otherwise candela slider would go from only 0-1.
  • Imagine every user wanting to adjust a Point Light down from 20 to 15, and when you slide it down it gets immediately clipped below 1, and sliding back up caps you at 1 candela. Everyone would complain. Why? Because it would be a nuisance. Well, that’s exactly the same phenomenon with the Clip Length as you have it now.

BUT - this is the worst, but most fascinating part, where it is exposed as an error.
When you hover over “HAIR CLIP LENGTH” it says the following:
“Normalized Hair Clip Length, ie at which the length hair will be clipped. 1 means no clipping, 0 means hairs are fully clipped.”

Well, if a Groom has a Max Length of “55”, and the slider at 1.0 represents = 1/55 = 0.01818, how can this be true then.

Because then what UE4.26.1 is saying is not true, because it should say:
“Normalized Hair Clip Length, where 0 is fully clipped, and 1 means 1.0 divided by the Max Length”

This is what you have. The math and the text do not match or make logical sense. It is an ERROR.

I like math so this is fun! But, I like Grooms more, so please please FIX.


Guys, I just wanted to apologize to @motorsep for asking a question I shouldn’t have asked.
But I submitted the bug report before doing my original post, then exactly as @acxsasx suggested I asked in this thread if anyone else had the same problem.

However, a very kind developer of the unreal engine has already answered my bug report helping me with the solution. Thank you all.

4.26.1 fixes about 6 instanced UObject issues that I have had submitted for (in some cases) years, worth the wait for .1.

LandscapeIssue2.JPG I get this error after the new update to 4.26.1. Does anyone else get this?

Hi! Need a help here for 4.26.1 raytracing, I recently shifted to UE 4.26.1 and noticed raytraced shadows are little different when compare to UE 4.25.4. Attaching couple of images here.

4.26.1 raytraced shadows

4.25.4 raytraced shadows