Unreal Engine 4.26. Alembic Hair. Q&A Part 3. Official answers from the community

Official answers from Epic Games (Unreal Community) to various questions regarding Alembic Hair (Groom plugin) in Unreal Engine 4.26. Part 3.

Previous parts:


Unreal Engine: Alembic Hair/Groom Plugin. Official Q&A. Part 2 - YouTube

In this video we’ll talk about how:

→ Dye the hair bundles and their ends in different colors

→ Import this into Unreal Engine 4

→ Fix alembic scripts error for exporting Xgen hair

→ Draw Vertex Paint in Xgen

→ Fix problem with Roughness

→ Fix chaos on eyebrows and other facial hair

→ Use animated alembic with Groom plugin

→ Export hair from Houdini,

Video content:

0:00 - Lesson topic.

0:39 - Information for those who want to support this channel

1:00 - Acknowledgments

2:17 - How to color hair in Ornatrix without texture maps and UV coordinates? Is this possible in Xgen?

7:41 - Export channel vertexes for Unreal Engine 4

9:35 - Import of Alembic Hair to UE4. Activating vertex channels in Nick Rutlinh’s material.

13:58 - Answer to question from Nick Shepperd. Fixed import problem in UE4 from Xgen scripts. Vertex Paint in Xgen.

18:41 - Checking Vertex channels from Xgen in Unreal Engine 4

20:25 - Official answer to the same question - from Epic Games

21:18 - Answer to question from Simon Barrionuevo: “Groom Shader Roughness”

26:09 - An appeal to Nick Rutlinh and some more official replies on this topic.

27:45 - Answer to question from Christian Hecht.

29:04 - Answer to a question from Flavio Gonzalez

29:55 - Concerning the export from Houdini. Analysis of the dialogue between Gabriel Arnold and Nick Burkard.

31:56 - Forrender Renderfarm

32:03 - Promo code to use a 15% lifetime discount on our render farm.

32:05 - Info-partners

32:09 - Ending and preview of other lessons.

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