Unreal engine 4.25 Running like Meow in my laptop !

Epic fix it please : P.:rolleyes:
Latest tech gen laptop and it crashes all the time with 4.25.

What are your hardware specs? Make sure that if your laptop has an Nvidia GPU and an Intel GPU that you go into the Nvidia control panel and set the Nvidia GPU to control everything. Also you can go into your power settings and adjust things so that it doesn’t throttle your performance.
Also, if your laptop has a high resolution screen it will run better if it’s set to something like 1080p.

Hey hold the line I am still getting all information… please … making sure the error came from there…

Ok so there was an update of windows or something and it got fixed now it is not crashing at least but sometimes the whole window moves but that is not very nasty.

It does not crash if I start a program called XSplit, something in the rendering code ? idk…