Unreal Engine 4.25 Crash when change Preview on Android es 3.1., Vulkan, IOS FIX

So i have Issue when i try to change Preview mode in setting from Shader Model 5 to any mobile previews (Andorid ES 3.1., Vulkan, IOS) But i dont have this issuse in blank project. So i migrate to new, replace all my blueprint and level model and issue didn’t happen in test while i do all of this. And then when i make “death camera” issue happen again and only thing i add it’s 3d text from plugins. All this related for UE4 4.25 (dint taste on other verison)

HOW TO FIX: If you have any 3D text plugin (from plugins) placed on your map just delete text or plugin (only text are enough)

(i already make bug report and write it here for people what have same issues, because i dint find one by myself)