Unreal Engine 4.23 Released!

Does not work :frowning:

Visual Studio Intellisense is alot slower in UE 4.23 and some files do not work at all with it. Never had any issues in UE 4.22. Wonder what happened there ? :slight_smile:

The big feature for me is nDisplay.

Problem is, there’s no support for it :frowning:

I’ve got it going on our display here at work, but the performance is terrible and the sync between screens is nonexistent.

I’d love to ditch unity and move everything we do here to unreal but I’m basically stuck and can’t move forward without some help from Epic : /

Wouldn’t you like to see 4.23 running in here Epic?

Works fine for me, new project and same driver/card/winver. The RTGI quality is slightly better and performance seem slightly better.

Uhhhh everything was working fine up until 4.23 preview 8, but now that I’ve updated to the “full release” my Quest game is crashing randomly (in the headset). Not unresponsive or anything just straight up CTD.

The crash occurs when I draw to a render target.

These last few versions have been some seriously bad times for Quest people ;\

can u try with HDRIbackdop actor? i think relevant with this actor.

I been trying to compile from source for 5 hours now, next thing i know it is released? LOL i’m far and beyond right now LOL
man put matinee back… I don’t like the new editor its ugly…

Be warned, in UE4.23 you can no longer have an array of a struct containing a TMap, it crashes the editor.

you got to be kidding me? are they going to fix that?

im upset they removing the vr editor. I use it all the time. that is sad.


Probably not, I don’t have UDN access. I reported it but I’ll get an email from someone who can’t understand the issue and wont elevate.

Particle “Initial Size” also completely broken.

[USER=“7”]Jeff Wilson[/USER] a BIG release! Will take a while to properly read up on all the changes that are relevant to me.
Many thanks to all involved in making UnrealEngine even better!

Out of curiosity - do you celebrate a new launch in some way? All go out for a drink?

Does DXR still have to be activated in 4.23 from the command line by -dx12 option ?

I can’t install the new version from the EpicLauncher.

So can anyone build and launch WindowsMR plugin projects with the final 4.23? I can’t test because Datasmith prevents me from launching, but just a day or so ago I got this with preview 8:

Looks like all arrays I have in a project are broken. As soon as I try to expand an array element other than ID 0 the editor crashes. I tried to empty the array and fill it up from scratch but as soon as I add something to the 2nd array element (ID 1) the editor crashes.

An array of what type?

Getting very heavy fps hit (fps goes to 10) in DX12 with my landscape material that work smooth (over 60fps) in DX11. Disabling DXR dosent seem to affect that. Unlit ja wireframe also have the fps hit. Having tessellation disabled too. :S

Edit: Landscape painting also is bugged. Cant almost draw any layers, only some appear as fully painted grid pieces. And there is no visible paint-sphere. If replacing landscape material with basic material without layers then FPS gets good again.

Also there is no stat font.

destruction demo not working from the launcher

also content examples wont download for 4.23 but is showing in the options

I’ve got incredibly dark lighting now after upgrading a project to 4.23. Scene before was very bright, too bright if anything, now i’ve got this. Believe it or not theirs a BP_Sky_Sphere up there that should be bright blue