Unreal Engine 4.21 Multiplayer Support

Hi Guys ,

I am looking to develop a multiplayer game which will feature leaderboards , game services , cross platform ( Mobile , PC , PS4 etc ) .I want the players to be able to play against each other regardless of the platform.I did a lot of RnD and went with GameSparks in the start but apparently their support is coming to an end so i switched to Playfab and Photon both of which did not have any docs to support my project and they weren’t even being able to be integrated properly.Heck even i could not run the photon sample project ! and the Photon SDK does not even show up on the Unreal Marketplace.A Colleague of mine told me that he used it via the Unreal Marketplace , so is it not longer supported ? which may explain why its not in the Marketplace.

I am really confused on as to which platform i should use to support my Multiplayer game , i did give a look into Unreal’s builtin Multiplayer but it doest support Mobile devices as far as i know ( I might be wrong though ).

So what i really want is a cross platform Multiplayer supported SDK which can help me achieve my game.

FYI : Pricing is not an issue so do recommend me any other Multiplayer SDK which can help me achieve cross platform compatibility along with a strong SERVER support.

Thanks !

There should be no problem to connect any device to a dedicated server in Unreal with the NULL OnlineSubsystem.

Epic is given for FREE the same tools you want to make, multiplatform, the same they use to ship Fortnite, details here: Epic’s free Online Services launch for all game developers - Unreal Engine